Android ROM Build Release Notes for ramjet Rogers MOD r7
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Hey all,

Firstly I'll introduce myself as I'm relatively new around here. My name is Geoff (aka ravenge) and I'm a 22yo, IT Systems Support Manager in South Australia. Things that take up most of my time lately are Work, LANning and tinkering with my G1 that I've had since a few weeks after Optus released them in AU.

Since purchasing my phone, I've thoroughly enjoyed gaining root, and playing with the works of JF, TD, Haykuro and Cyanogen (to name a few). In a nutshell I've tried dozens of excellent ROMs thanks to these guys.

After much experimentation, I decided to move away from the shiny hero as I found it to be rather unreliable and relatively slow. I loved the HTC apps of Hr's Sapphire ports and I loved the speed of ION, then came Rogers, a fully finished, fully packaged rom made by HTC for Rogers in Canada. This meant that the HTC apps were stock and didn't need any porting, and more importantly the rom was designed for the G1 so it ran fantastically on my handset!

I loved the rom but, stock, I found it a little lacking in the features dept. Many people have repacked their own flavours of Rogers, but none fitted my desire for a 'complete' rom.

Since I rebuild my phone consistantly, I wanted a rom that has all the core applications that I use. firstly Apps2SD with ext3 had to be standard. I wanted superuser, terminal, mtt browser, and all the other goodies you've seen floating around the forums. I also wanted to change some options to AU standards so that i wouldn't need to do it later. An example was the Date format from MM-dd-yyyy to dd-MM-yyyy.

After much bug testing, and a LOT of help from awesome xda users such as Haykuro, Cyanogen, MarcusMaximus. I'm happy to have finally reached a stable build.

Starting with the original Rogers rom graciously provided by Haykuro here

This Build is based on the Rogers rom provided by haykuro. I take no ownership for the original files, or any of the
modifications made (except where labelled otherwise).This Build would not be possible without the awesome works of: Haykuro,
JesusFreke, Cyanogen, TheDudeOfLife, and all the developers of the apps included. <3 your work!

To make it significantly easier to differentiate between my rom and other rogers repacks, I am nicknaming mine 'ramjet'.


Optimisations from Cyanogen's 3.4.4 build:
Cyanogen's kernel (anticipatory iosched, enabled multicast and max cpufreq at 528MHz)
a2sd scripts - automatic A2SD using bind mounts
various other file system tools and libraries

AUTO Apps to SD - Standard:
As mentioned above, we're now using bind mounts. This means more stability and flexibility for filesystems. Apps to SD will automatically run for you with next to no setup required (apart from needing a partitioned SD card). If you don't have the partition, it will operate as per any build without a2sd (more or less)

-All rogers specific apps removed
+amazon mp3
+Terminal Emulator
+Browser with multitouch (will possibly replace with HTC browser)
+Google Voice Search
+Latest Google Maps
+updated Quick office to 1.0.1
+HTC Sync

pre-installed to /data/app
+Backup for root users
+wifitether 1.51
+Forecast Widget by Koxx
+mymaps 1.1.6
+smspopup 0.9.96
+linda file manager 1.2.10
+NetCounter 0.8
+Locale 0.611 beta
+Astrid 2.8.6
+TwitterRide 1.3.1

added images (my own)
in app/launcher.apk
transparent handle for app drawer (just because I prefer it)
in framework/framework-res.apk
battery depletion images with % included (cause I didn't like the battery icon going GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN RED-FLAT)
NOTE this works off of modifications on the original images. As such, there are only levels at 0% 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% and 100%.

boot animation / audio copied from hero, cause its fancier and modified to include some build details and a picture of roger ramjet (note, Roger Ramjet the cartoon character is copyright of someone else, NOT ME)

A HTC lib was causing some problems for HQ youtube over 3G. Replacing with the lib from ION seems to fix it.

Audio Mod:
Max Volume mod by Meltus (V5.3+Bluetooth fix)

dalvicvm from ION - cause it's shown speed improvements

Changed date format default to dd-MM-yyyy
Changed build.prop ro.product.locale.region=AU
Added Haykuro's APN List, modified by me to include the AU Carrier 'YES OPTUS' and many other AU carriers (that still need testing)
Added Optus voicemail config.
Changed default languages to en-AU for dialer and ime.

rooted g1 (duh)
I've just started using Cyanogen's recovery, it's great!
The Latest RADIO and SPL from Haykuro's here: ** Potential Bricking ** read up properly on this!
Apps2SD needs a Decent SD Card with an ext3 partiton. But a2sd is NOT a requirement to run this rom.
my rom:
md5sum: f90b7db7768f6d431af079e97775e288
I recommend wiping, but it may not be necessary.]
The first boot will be very slow if you have lots of apps on your SD.

APNS/Voicemail - Read up HERE
Homescreen customisation, such as TD's 5 home screens mod, when I can get my hands on the 'how to' doc.
Investigate ODEX for /system/app

Apps 2 SD: a lot of people have asked "Do I have to use apps to sd?" - you do not.
"if i had apps to sd before?" - thanks to cyanogen's handywork, it will automatically find what you have and set it up for you.
"can you port something from hero?" - probably not, the launchers / framework are different causing problems in most circumstances
"Do I need to wipe?" Probably. You may or may not need to wipe depending on where you've come from. You might be able to get away with just deleting cache (note cache may also be stored on your sd card from apps2sd and will need to be removed manually). If you get lots of force closes, chances are you need a wipe!

P.S. I added a splash screen for those who know what it is.

If you have any problems, I'll do my best to support them. If you don't like my rom, use someone elses. If you have any useful suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


This build was based on Haykuro's rogers.
In the past, Haykuro has been legendary at providing awesome HTC stuff ported from here and there, and a lot of the great roms that are around today are especially thanks to him.
If you would like to support Haykuro, you can buy him some nesquik!

I also got a lot of help, and used a lot of Cyaonogen's optimized android files and kernals from his latest builds. This helped me implement Apps2SD and get the build running nice and fast. For mor information about all of his great work, take a look here
Feel free to Buy Cyanogen a beer!

The AppstoSD2.apk Application comes straight from MarcusMaximus with an updated icon by me.
If you like this App please support Marcus by donating (aka purchasing it) in the Paid market.
MarcusMaximus and his Apps2SD thread is []here.[/url]

As mentioned I have used Meltus's audio mod. The one I used is quite loud so you may prefer to check out Meltus' thread here and apply your own. Donate to Meltus here

I also believe that a lot of credit to certain parts of the android development should go to JesusFreke.
Go visit his Blog here and honour his work by donating here

The apks I included were from various sources and in general were extracted from other peoples builds, for example TheDude's 1.2b or Cyanogen or Haykuro's work. If I have forgotton to credit someone somewhere (which is pretty likely - SORRY!) Please PM me so I can give credit where it's due!