Android ROM Build Release Notes for Cyanogenized Rogers Rom V3.3 Build Environment
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This is a build-environment which adds all that great stuff from CyanogenMod to the rogers-rom.

This will add following features to CyanogenMod (Version 3.4) like:

* Enhanced ramdisk to mount partitions with noatime/nodiratime (perf boost)
* Apps2SD via AUFS (same as UnionFS) enabled by default!
* Uses Ext3 for Apps2SD
* Optimized kernel (no debug options, cfq iosched)
* Maximum CPU scaling frequency set to 528MHz

Thanks to all involved people ... jesusfreke, haykuro, virtudude (thanks for sharing the build-environment), CYANOGEN and all I didn`t mention! :-)


This build-environment will generate a very *** experimental *** rom for you.

Like the original ROM from haykuro, this requires SPL 1.33.2005 - info about this SPL is available here:
(*** WARNING - Potential Bricking - Read carefully *** )



Have fun!


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