Android ROM Build Release Notes for JesusFreke JFv1.51 US CRB43
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I’ve released a new set of images based on the US/ADP/EU versions of CRB43.

update: The US and UK builds have been updated to fix the MT browser issue. New build enviroments and CHANGES for them too. See this post for more info


There are no major changes from my JFv1.50 release, except a few new kernel modules.

As usual, I don’t guarantee whether you’ll have to wipe or not. My advice: Make a backup with nandroid then try the update without a wipe. If you run into problems, do a wipe or restore your backup.

They should be available on the JF Updater app. Or you can download and install them manually

The browser in the US and UK versions of JFv1.51 have an issue where multi-touch doesn’t work. This issue does not affect the ADP version. You can fix this issue yourself easily.

(In terminal emulator)

mount -o rw,remount /system
rm /system/app/Browser.odex

Alternatively, I’ve also created a tiny file that you can apply in recovery mode to fix the problem. This is just a quickfix update that deletes the Browser.odex file.

Just to be clear: if multi-touch in your browser is working, you don’t need to do anything. If it is not working, you can follow the terminal emulator instructions above, or apply the quick fix.

Note: I’ve updated the US and UK downloads in the v1.51 release blog post to an updated version that has this fix. I didn’t update the version number since this is a small problem that is easily fixed. I believe jf updater has been updated with the fixed builds as well.

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