Android ROM Build Release Notes for Virtududes Rogers v3
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I've been working on a mod of haykuro's Rogers ROM and it turned out decent, so I figured I'd share it. My primary motivation is to maintain a stable build with Exchange support for the G1.

Here's what's in it:


Kernel and modules from JF 1.51
Root (SuperUser, Term, etc)
Amazon MP3
Voice Search
Meltus Louder Sound profile
Multitouch Browser
Removed Rogers apps
Removed HTC Sync
Paid apps support
ext3 AppsToSD support
dalvikvm from ION


Everything above plus ...
RIL from ION (should fix the "My Location" issues some users were having)
Upgraded Meltus to v4 (supposedly clearer sound)


Removed the Multitouch Browser in favor of the default HTC Browser (attached to this post in case you want to add it back)
Removed the Meltus Louder Sound profile
Added Lucid's awesome do everything script

Here's the ROM:


Here's the modified JF build environment I used:


I'm including the build environment because I know it's frustrating not having the tools to build things yourself.

Much of this stuff was ripped from ROMs from JF and cyanogen, so thanks to those guys, and of course, thanks haykuro for another awesome port.

Note: Like the original ROM from haykuro, this requires SPL 1.33.2005.

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