Android ROM Build Release Notes for ZeroXd 3.82r3
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All the necessary files can be found there, including my GScripts.
This is also where all the download links to NEW versions are posted

HEHE... Oh, you wait... Just wait.... New things.... Shiny, new things....

Back everything up. This means run some sort of data backup if you want to keep your settings
You may also want to run a nandroid backup in recovery (if all else fails, you can restore it)

You MUST have the newest SPL
You MUST have a Class 6 SD Card
You MUST know how to read
You MUST have 3 partitions
You MUST have at least 256MB EXT

If you don`t, I WILL NOT HELP YOU! (Sorry, too many times...)
and no, I will NOT teach your grandmother how to root, install, or configure this ROM

Copy the update to the SD card (rename if using pre-1.4 recovery)
Boot into recovery mode (Home and Power)
Launch the Console and press Enter

***** Not Needed in 3.80 and Above *****

Commands to execute:
mount -a
rm -r system/sd/app_s
rm system/sd/dalvik-cache/* (if dalvik to sd was done)
reboot (Immediately press the Home key again)


Apply the update ( under any zip if using recovery 1.4, if pre-1.4)
After going through initial setup open console

Commands to execute:
(if it gives any issues, you may need to run this first:
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
and that will make system rewritable)

After this has completed, reboot the phone normally.
MD5: a3958418020dfffce5028066c041b137
MD5: 1f14243a415caee74f14b1110ae07c40
MD5: a835a12717ea8144db24b3ab71f7c0bb
MD5: c852a0d48ad3a2030244bb269312b124
MD5: 816a1e88fcb191c9323857ae2b5fdeac
MD5: 78f963f6ce0318bc4064384a26c08359
MD5: a6b8382d654b05e6fe0dd91696b2085b

Average Results:
Fast, Highly responsive Hero with minimal internal usage

3.50 ROM is JACxHero-v1.2 with:
New Lockscreen based on old JACHero
VoiceDialer added in for speech commands
Some fun scripts to make things FAST

3.52 ROM is Drizzy`s JACxHero-v1.2 with:
3.50 Modifications added

3.60 ROM is Drizzy`s NewVision with:
3.52 Modifications added
Fixed SMS Priority to ensure messaging

3.75(r2) ROM is Drizzy`s NewVision V2 with:
3.60 Modifications added
Some added apps with a new Hero theme
(r2) Updated scripts for speed complaints
It is called USER.CONF for a reason ya know
(r2) Cyanogens method of data transfering
The new data method relinks but no wipe

3.80 ROM is Drizzy`s Touch3D V3 + Full V3 with:
3.75r2 Modifications added
Legacy boot.img for compatibility issues
(r2) Fixed rotation and some MAJOR bug issues
(r3) LED Support in the Userinit (works, not perfect)
Backup commands added in runonce (copies to SD)
Due to "nasty" complaints, old userinit backed up

The attatchments to this post are the Free Version of Hero Update and a Hero themed Chomp. There is also a link to a Hero Optimized with User.conf file set. It has options to set SMS priority to urgent (for older builds), perform and maintain dalvik2sd and perform (cannot be maintained) data2sd upon boot. You can also configure cpu and swap options by editing the User.conf file to your liking. There are also the modified LED commands for text messaging (will be building from this).