Android ROM Build Release Notes for Super D 1.10.2 "Rehab is for Quitters"
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Bluetooth Fixed
CFS Kernel

v 1.10.1
-Apps2SD Fixed
-New Kernel
–Overclocked at 528/126 MHZ
–Kernel Debuging is off
-New Launcher
–Search Widget Placing is fixed
–Faster Scrolling
-New Phone.apk –Thanks to Eliot Stocker
–Push to answer buttons and contact photo
-New Music widget — Thanks to Eliot Stocker
–Displays Albumart and allows you to go backward. — Thanks to Eliot Stocker
-Spare Parts now in Settings –Thanks to Eliot Stocker
-Nexus Versions have new Nexus Launcher –Thanks to Anderweb
–Screen Preview and dots
-Many many many bugs fixed, including GTalk and services problems –Thanks to Cyanogen
-360 degree auto-orientation –Thanks to Optedoblivion
-Updated to latest AOSP code –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Lots of backported Eclair guts –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Fixed Busybox problems –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Improved performance –Thanks To Cyanogen
-OpenVPN integration –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Wifi can be enabled while in airplane mode now –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Should No Longer Requires Danger SPL- test it for me
-Must install the same way as Cyanogenmod, as Super D is now gone legal.
*New Google Talk.apk and framework
*New Audio Files
*New kernel
—-CPU scaling now at 128mhz min and 528mhz max
—-New Yaffs 2 from .32 kernel thanks to Wesgarner
*No Ram Hack Version
*Reverted build.prop- hopefully this will improve 3g leme know.
*fixed autocomplete keyboard bug
*audio files should be fixed for mt3g users
*sync back in settings and auto sync fully working
*fixed voice dialer widget fc
*full swap and compcache control from spare parts
*spare parts now accessible from launcher menu
*new launcher.apk
*new boot screen
*internet tethering from settings
*wireless and wiredtether removed
*whole new build/apps/frameworks
*black versions have black lockscreen
*visual enhancements
*probably more that i forgot
- all graphics done by eliot stocker
- had lots of help with the cc/swap control from ctso and wesgarner
do a full wipe including ext
*compcache and linux swap fully working now
*new eclair apps, music and deskclock – thanks to cyanogen
*multitouch improvements and browser improvements – thanks to cyanogen
* sd updater beta 2 added graphics done by eliot stocker
*new wallpapers -done by eliot stocker
*new kernel
*overclocked to 528mhz
*deadline,cfq,anticipatory i/o
*ext4 fully working
*kernel debugging turned off
*reverted phone.apk
*reverted animations
*multitouch working in browser and gallery
*addicted it to crack, should fly off the walls now
*other stuff
* multitouch removed due to issues with it, hopefully it will be back in next release
* build.trout.prop edited to improve 2g/3g
* updated a couple of status notifications to colored
* updated phone.apk to big photo contact 250px + eclair theme
* custom alarmclock.apk by me
* black versions now have a black search bar as well
* updated market (should not revert back to old icon now)
* new animations
* updated wysie’s contacts.apk to 2.8
* fix backwards compatibility code for services – credits to cyanogen
* all new multitouch code using eclair api – credits to cyanogen
* new kernel with tweaks and new sdcc driver from nexus tree – credits to cyanogen
* fixed the fix_permissions script – credits to cyanogen
* various other minor bugfixes – credits to cyanogen
* theme templates now available
* other stuff i can’t remember
-revert process.getfreememory() to type int – this was causing apps like task manager to crash the runtime. Thanks to cyanogen


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