Android ROM Build Release Notes for XDan Leaked HTC Hero G3 Beta4
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XDan Leaked ROM: NO ROSIE UI YET!!!!

HTC Hero G3 Rom
Model Number: HTC Hero
Firmware version: 1.5
Baseband version: 62.505.20.17H_2.22.19.261
Kernel version: [email protected] )
Build number: 20090506 Hero_Generic_WWE #
Software version: 1.0.0.A6288

- New UI (Not Rosie enabled Yet but new Skins for dial, Calender, Calculator, Contacts is now People)
- New Music Player
- Google Sync / Exchange Active Sync / PC Outlook Sync
- New People (Contact App)
- New Dialer (Very smart / innovated)
- Footprint app (To record your location that you visit with GPS)
- New Browser (With Visual Bookmarks / New UI)
- New Message app with contact icons in threaded view / New UI
- Social Network (Intergrated into contact app with Facebook(works)/ Flickr(not working) / Twitter (Not working) accounts)
- New Audio / Notification sounds
- Contact pictures can be added by logging into your gmail account, on your computer and going to contacts. Put a little check next to the contact and to the right, you will see a box in the right hand corner that says change picture. Click on it browse for picture on your computer or your phone if it is plugged into the usb, crop it, and uncheck the box and the photo will appear when you have synced your phone contacts.
- The Browser- It has no zoom unfortunately but it does have multi touch. It is not very reliable but it is there.
- GPS and auto rotate is fixed in beta 3 for sure.
- The apps to sd apk on the website will move your apps and davik to sd and give you 50 megs of phone memory. If you don't plan on doing this don't even install this rom.
- The sound is definitely louder in this rom. Volume mods are evident. Phone calls, music and usb headphone output is loud and clear, a plus.

- Overall speed of phone is alright but laggy compared to other custom builds
- Few force closes with certain apps
- Bluetooth doesn't work
- Flash doesn't not work on browser
- Camera is a bit blurry
- Can't Login to Twitter under Social Networking
- LED Light not working during Charging sessions. (Possibly during Notifications as well.)
- G-Sensor Calibration always Aborts.

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