Android ROM Build Release Notes for OpenEclair v1.3.0.1
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Known Issues:
- LWPs break when using 3D Kernel
- Userinit is still being overridden by SpareParts
- CompCache changes in SpareParts require reboot
- Video still not working
- Menu to unlock is not enabled
- Phone app`s on-screen touch buttons may cause problems

Change Log


OpenEclair - v1.3.0 - 04/02/2010
- WG-Kernel 5 v0.8:
* Completely fresh and clean
* Fixed Bluetooth
* Has option to use 3D or RAMHack
* Updated WiFi Drivers to help battery life
- Does NOT require DangerSPL (also fixes install errors)
- Fixed CompCache problems where would not load or would require reboot
- Fixed issues with Su
- Removed all the duplicate ringtones (may have to reset your notification and ringtone sounds)
- Fixed GenieWidget
- Fixed Market troubles

OpenEclair - v1.2.2 - 02/25/2010
- New version of kernel with serious SPEED INCREASES
- DangerSPL not required
- Fixed CompCache/MemCtl (keep in mind, userinit is still being overridden and changes require restart)
- Amazing BootAnimation by MINUS_Stl
- ALL LWPs should be working now (including Smoke)
- Facebook Sync is fixed
- Added latest Google Maps 4.0
- YouTube app is there, but there is no video support yet
- Random Apps disappearing should be fixed
- Bouncy Menus and other visual fixes
- Fixed all APN bugs causing no data
- Added WiFi Tether
- Latest Phone.apk by Cytown / Contacts.apk by Wysie
- Added all EXTfs binaries
- Many bug fixes fixed from Google Code
- Latest AOSP Merges
- Other changes that can`t be remembered

OpenEclair - v1.2.1 - 02/13/2010
- Please wipe. (though may not be required)
- Multiple kernels to select from -- BFS/CFS, 10mb RAM Hack or not
- Nexus One OTA Update (Android 2.1_r2)
- MT in Browser
- Fixed disappearing icon issues.
- Fixed LWPs (Except for Smoke LWP)
- Includes Launcher2, to use select "Launcher" instead of "Home" when prompted.
- LWPs are interactive while using Launcher2, though slightly buggy.
- New MMS Settings: 600kb MMS Size Limit, Max Resolution is 2048x1536, Text will not convert to MMS until 10pgs has been reached (versus 4)
- Includes HTC_IME
- Fixed Camera from the Beta`s
- Includes latest WG-Kernel v3-beta
- Include Meltus`s AudioMod v2r2
- Removed: Eugene`s Overclocking
- More that neither of us remember

OpenEclair - v1.1.5 BETA - 02/08/2010
- No Wipe
- No you did not miss 1.1.2, 1.1.3, and 1.1.4. They were test builds.
- Kernel: CPU Frequency modifications by Eugene
- Kernel: Overclocked to 580MHz by default.
- Kernel: Bug fixes from Nexus One MSM Kernel
- Compcache: Upgraded to v0.6.2
- Added MT Maps from Nexus One update
- Dalvik Changes (JIT is extremely unstable, switched to donut dalvik for now)
- Firstboot script changes

OpenEclair - v1.1.1 BETA - 02/02/2010
- Reverted JIT (No longer using JIT - causes too much instability)
- Added EXT tools.
- Readded DangerSPL Requirement

OpenEclair - v1.1 BETA - 02/01/2010
- New Apps2SD (disables Apps2SD on MT3G)
- Added Passion Google Apps
- Fixed "insufficient storage" issue.
- Switched to WG-Kernel
- Optimized Launcher (thanks dumbbestcrayon)
- Fixed Music button on Desk Clock
- Removed DangerSPL requirement
- Added Swap settings to SpareParts
- Default compcache size set to 32MB
- Fixed keystore errors.
- Added rwsystem/rosystem
- Fixed "pm: not found" errors.
- Complete recompile from AOSP/Cyanogen
- Removed CM Updater (will be added again in a future release)

OpenEclair - v1.0.1 - 02/02/2010
- Fixed "insufficient storage" problem when installing apps.

OpenEclair - v1.0 - 01/28/2010
- Initial release based on Intension v1.4.0.