Android ROM Build Release Notes for Android 2.1 AOSP Eclair v1 "Basic" and v0.1 "Raw Bacon"
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Credits: Cyanogen for kernel, wlan and compcache modules, Enomther for the ideas for my current implementation for running boot-time scripts, Maxisma for the Milestone dump which was the source for most Gapps used on this rom.
Superuser.apk, su, Term.apk,, VoiceSearchWithKeyboard, GoogleVoice.apk, GenieWidget.apk, and LocationProvider taken from ctso`s intension rom.
AOSP for the eclair code.

Radio Required:

SPL Required: None/any

Partition Layout: support for linux-swap in sdcard partition 3, no apps2sd support

Wipe Required: Required if coming from 1.6. Recommended if coming from 2.0+

Note that on "Raw Bacon", Launcher2 has a bug on the app-drawer, it`s not drawn right, and you can`t drag/drop icons, if you`re going to use it, do so through Menu>Add>Shortcut>Application.
Gallery3D works when it wants to. The problem there is much easier to solve, in a way. I just need proper GL libraries. I heard that Cyanogne had Gallery3D working perfectly, so I`ll have to check with him, after that, the only problem with the build will be the Launcher and I`ll be able to merge them both.

Screenshots coming soon.

As always, flashing is your responsibility, if you screw up yada yada blah blah...

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