Android ROM Build Release Notes for Enomther`s [ROM] TheOfficial Nexus1 (OTA-ERE27-UPDATE) - v1.5.1
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2/3/2010 - v1.5.1
- fixed signing issues with the GAPPS, this will fix the "login" and sync issues.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing these issues, a "wipe" is in order to resolve. Sorry `bout that.
Or you can attempt to remove /data/system/packages.xml in recovery and wipe only the dalvik-cache.
You`ll then have to resign into Google, but alot of your settings will remain.

2/3/2010 - v1.5 - Stable/FullROM
- updated to the latest Google OTA Update ERE27!
- removed Cyanogen`s MultiTouch stuff ... as ERE27 now has MultiTouch Browser, Maps and Gallery!
- Google Goggles is in there now ... GoogleMaps 3.4 w/ the night stuff
- Everything has been de-odex`d again ... ThemeTemplates will post soon!
- Resigned everything with testkeys.
- more to come later, just wanted to get the ota update out there
--- please note: no themes have been tested with 1.5 yet, so be patient there.
--- ALSO, there is a radio update ... but I will never include such updates in my ROM`s, so there`s a separate for that in Downloads section.

1/27/2010 - v1.4 - Stable/FullROM
- Now a FULL ROM, no longer an addon, this will make installing/transitioning easier
- added - Cyanogen`s Multi-Touch Browser (thanks again man!)
- added - Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support)
- added - Corporate Calender (for Exchange Calender Support)
- fixed - lucid script to perform Apps2SD
- fixed - the BackupManager.jar was jacked up
- improved - relinked `rm` to busybox (instead of toolbox)
--- more coming soon, this is a minor stepping stone

1/12/2010 - v1.3
- De-ODEX`d apps/framework (`cept core) and now 100% Theme-able - So Themers bring us some themes please!!!
- ZipAligned all system apk`s after de-odex`ing (In the ROM and Theme Templates, you`ll wanna re-zipalign after themeing)
--- Theme Templates in the Download Section (I did a "white" statusbar text template to speed things along)
- replaced - su/Superuser.apk from Cyan`s Makin` Bacon (So that Themes will be interchangable between the ROM`s)
- automatic detection and filechecking for ext2/3/4 partitions
- automatic mounting of ext2/3/4 partitions to /system/sd
--- If you want apps2sd (I`m not judgin ), you can now use the `lucid` script for that, since ext is auto-mounted.
- startup/boot execution of /data/local/ (in case you want to implement some custom startup stuff )
-------- I`m using all this to run a linux distro ---------
- added - telnetd binary (a quick/dirty convenience)
- re-linked ps, ls & df to busybox (instead of toolbox)
- added - a pid prioritizer for launcher2
--- is a slight bump that helps with the launcher2 lag, not a permanent fix, but helps a lil for now (till we get a code drop)

1/8/2010 - v1.0
- TheOfficial - 2.6.29-msm-nexusone kernel
(Would like to thank Zinx for initial RNDIS port, Ben Buxton for n1 port and Cyanogen for posting the code in git, TY)
--- ipv6, iptables, RNDIS support (Wifi/Wired Tether capabilities)
--- ext2/3/4, cifs, fuse, afs, etc fs support
--- Multi-Touch support in synaptics drivers (however, no MT apps yet)

- updated apn list
- dns settings (resolv.conf)
- terminfo

- su/Superuser.apk (for Root access)
- Wifi Tether and Wired Tether apps included (can remove in settings)

- various misc binaries ...
--- linked-up busybox
--- nano & libncurses (coutesy of Cyanogen)
--- dropbear
--- flash_image
--- extXfs tools
--- iptables
--- various other (mostly for dev/customizational ops and future implementations)

- various scripts ...
--- rwsystem/rosystem (to read/write and readonly /system easily)
--- recboot (to reboot into recovery easily, as the new bootloader makes it a lil` annoying)
--- fix_permissions (to fix uid problems, even though amon_ra`s recovery has it )
--- lucid (not 100% useful yet, but it`s there and will get it updated over time)

- NO Apps2SD boot support yet (Mostly as there`s no need *yet and hopefully never* )

****** Installation Steps *******

- (1) Unlock your bootloader (root it) and fastboot install Amon_RA`s recovery image
--- see these (2) threads for details

- (2) Perform a nandroid backup to be safe!

- (3) Wipe your configuration and ext partition if coming from another ROM/addon!

- (4) Download the and copy to your sdcard and flash in Amon_RA`s recovery image.

****** Frequently Asked Questions *******

1) When using the `su` command/app ... make sure USB Debugging is turned on in order to recieve the initial su-permission window.

2) How to setup Apps2SD. Run lucid script in terminal or adb ...


lucid -a -sd

That`s it!