Android ROM Build Release Notes for KiNgxKxlick Espresso2G1 v1.3
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Version 1.3

- MUCH faster build!
- Now powered by King Kernel #3!
- Using CFS
- Using 10Mb RAM Hack
- Deadline set as primary scheduler
- 3GP video playback working and enabled!
- More optimization!
- Multi Touch in Browser!
- Mutli Touch in Albums!
- Location Fixed!
- GPS Fixed!
- Updated a2sd script
- Updated all necessary scripts
- Updated Radio Interface
- Removed Astro
- Removed Myspace

Version 1.1

- Lots of cleanup done
- Faster due to cleanup
- Added Android IM app
- Added Flickr
- Fixed GPS (testers please let me know)
- Using MY build.prop now
- Market fixed for paid/all apps
- Browser fixed
- Flash working
- Added working Youtube
- Added Voice Search
- Added Easy Dialer to dial numbers until phone is fixed
- As usual, I will add things

Version 1.0

- Espresso Rosie no longer FC`s!
- Using Espresso Framework now!
- Completely new look, ALL espresso, FULL port
- New Espresso Lockscreen
- HTC Peep now works! Ignore FC`s if you get them
- Added HTC Albums, working no FC`s!
- Removed Footprints
- Removed Footprints Widget
- Removed Twidroid
- Using some of Eugene`s icons *thanks bro *
- Color scheming from espresso
- Still using CFS with 10MB RAM hack
- Included all espresso widgets
- Removed Dock
- Removed Car Home
- Read OP notes for sync info, full sync though, no need to disable auto sync
- Using Eugene373`s build.prop *thanks bro!*
- Added PDF Viewer
- Added USB to PC support

Version 0.1

- Using the new Espresso UI
- FC`s when you swipe it at the moment
- Using the NEW widgets from the Espresso Dump
- A2SD is automatic! Just create that second Ext Partition!
- Linux-Swap enabled by default! Recommended size is 96MB~
- Partial, non blinking LED support!
- Using CM kernel with CFS, and 10MB RAM hack
- Zipaligning all apps now *thanks wes*
- My scripts are in /bin to use the old launcher, then clean it up if you please
- To use the old launcher, execute the binary "" with sh /system/bin/ This will delete rosie
- To clean it up, use "" with sh /system/bin/
- Included working Google Maps with Navigation
- Included HTC Peep *FC`s But.....*
- Included HTC Twitter widget, use the small one
- Added DockRunner
- Included HTC FootPrints
- Included HTC FootPrints Widget
- Included Android IM application from espresso *Working!*
- Included HTC Facebook! *should function normally*
- Using the Phone from Espresso
- Things Ill add here

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