Android ROM Build Release Notes for Super D v1.7 "Fired Conut"
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*New Kernel
*Overclocked to 528mhz
*Deadline,CFQ,Anticipatory I/O
*Ext4 fully working
*Kernel Debugging turned off
*reverted Phone.apk
*reverted animations
*Multitouch working in Browser and Gallery
*addicted it to crack, should fly off the walls now
*other stuff
* Multitouch removed due to issues with it, hopefully it will be back in next release
* Build.trout.prop edited to improve 2g/3g
* Updated a couple of status notifications to colored
* Updated Phone.apk to Big Photo Contact 250px + Eclair theme
* Custom AlarmClock.apk by me
* Black Versions now have a black search bar as well
* Updated Market (should not revert back to old icon now)
* New Animations
* Updated Wysie`s Contacts.apk to 2.8
* Fix backwards compatibility code for services - credits to Cyanogen
* All new multitouch code using Eclair API - credits to Cyanogen
* New kernel with tweaks and new SDCC driver from Nexus tree - credits to Cyanogen
* Fixed the fix_permissions script - credits to Cyanogen
* Various other minor bugfixes - credits to Cyanogen
* Theme Templates now available
* Other stuff I can`t remember
-Revert Process.getFreeMemory() to type int - this was causing apps like Task Manager to crash the runtime. Thanks to Cyanogen

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