Android ROM Build Release Notes for Eclair_2.1-v1.5 G1/MT3G 32B
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Camera working-Thank You NCommander since he posted the source I hear
Cleaned up a few things....


Custom Kernal BFS 313 (By Jac)
ext2/3/4 squashfs AUFS FS support
TCP optimizations TCPv6 included
all debugging off
multiple security patches
deadline io w/ fifo_batch=1
iptables WiFi tether support
usb tether patch
Tons of moduled support CIFS etc
app_s and app folder working out of data folder
GlobalSearch fixed keywords working
compcache fully working
new notification pull down bar
build.prop trout and sapphire edits
MotoAccuWeather and PinyinIME


BT Fixed
Internal Mem issue fixed
New Eclair tether added


Latin_IME Added and auto spell working.
Build.prop edits to all three.
Some graphic work very little since keeping stock.
Apps-SpareParts and NEW Maps
Camera-Closer but not working yet.
Altogether more stable.


New-wallaper gallery
NewApps/Back In- facebook,myspace,twidroid etc...
NEW-GenieWidget from 2.1 only use the app the widgets will kill the app.
Fixed-Calendar Widget (.xml edits By Me)
Fixed-Control Panel Widget (.xml edits By Me)
and more I cant recall


Removed Latin_IME added HTC_IME Much better auto spell works (Thanks Big_NU)
Add a lot of apps to data folder for space on system
Launcher will come need a day.
Bootanimation Fixed.


NEW-Ap2sd working using Eugene373 method.
NEW-added Nexus One Bootanimation
Removed the audio for space ring,alarm and notification
NEW-Eclair/Droid Graphics
NEW-WallpaperPaper Gallery done but going to Nexus wallaper soon.
NEW-Nexus apps googletalk and the new Amazon.
Removed a few other apps like facebook,weather and custom locale.


CM-42#7 kernal
NEW! lockscreen thats sick lol...
all apps work beside camera
sync full even contacts working
twitdroid,facebook,cardock app fixed by me,wifi tether
wired tether,maps 3.3.1 etc...
libs/bin from eugene373 asop rom
Wifi/Gps working
market paid apps works
auto rotate working
etc....a bunch of fixs provided by eugene373 to many to remeber.

Not working:
YouToube HD
UserDictionary works partially

Things to do:
Get the OTA!!!

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