Android ROM Build Release Notes for Dwang Donut v1.12
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* Libc memcpy optimizations from code aurora
* Audio Filters patch for better audio clarity
* Build.prop* patch for google navigation
* Eclair Icons from djengizz/Cyanogen/DBeCe

v1.11 [thanks afive720 for hosting]

* Update build.prop to fix google voice issues [thanks cyanogen]
* Kernel tweaks that improve responsiveness- instantly ramp up to max cpu frequency when an input event occurs. [thanks cy again]


* Updated to latest compcache module
* Fixed caller id issue
* Default keyboard vibrate now works


* Revert back to 2.6.29 donut kernel to fix camera and camcorder problems
* Add back swap_free_notify to compcache to hopefully fix slowdown issues


* Upgrade 2.6.29 kernel to latest version from git repository
* Add back swap_free_notify to compcache to hopefully fix slowdown issues


* Fix voice search crash


* Fix a2sd issues for real this time.
* Push VoiceSearch.apk to /system/app to fix voice search problems.


* Fastest version yet!
* Initial boot may take a while, be patient. If having trouble with apps, may need to wipe
* Optimized Loccy`s browser v1.5
* Revert kernel to v1.3. Seems to be faster.
* Optimized all built-in apps with zipalign and optipng
* Fix a2sd issues, hopefully!
* Add busybox symlinks
* Add support. file should reside in /sdcard since I"m not assuming 2nd partition exists. Compcache won`t be disabled
* Add IM app
* Removed ota update files.


* Update build.prop files to stop ota update. Still may need to download the update to completely stop it.
* Re-compiled kernel and removed all debugging output. Should speed things up a bit.


* Fix G1/Dream hw keyboard layout
* Add libraries needed by e2fsck


* Multi-touch support added to kernel/browser.
* Work Email apk added (Exchange Support)
* Compcache size increased to 32mb
* Apps2SD Support for G1/Dream users. Magic users still the same, no a2sd. [may need to format /system/sd (/dev/block/mmcblk0p2) partition if getting black screen]
* Fix G1/Dream Bluetooth issues.


* Can now be flashed using recovery image. No need for fastboot.
* 5 screen launcher.
* Compcache without swap_free_notify. Its faster.
* Iptables binary so android-wifi-tether app now works.
* Set max_cpu speed to 528mhz.


* Initial release (fastboot only)