Android ROM Build Release Notes for Zsense 1.5
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Now its a super blend of different roms and stuffs
This is based off mligns sensehero (with maxisma twerks and some secret additions too) just made it magic friendly 
THANK YOU MLIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stuff thats been added:
custom a2sd leaves system data on phone and installed apps on sd
linux swap needs to be setup|| you can use swapper app or terminal || (my user.conf was messedup)
spare parts
terminal emulator


to setup your swap open terminal emulator and type

#mkswap /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
#swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
#free (to check and make sur swap is on)

v1.5 link:

v1.4 link:

V1.2 link: pulled for now
Doesn`t work:
boot animation *doesnt fit screen right im too lazy to care*

v1.0 link: pulled for now
Doesnt work:
Boot animation (doesnt fit screen


danger spl
new radio
3 partitions
your golden

first boot will take a good 5-10 minutes plug into logcat and watch
should be pretty snappy next update will be great 

thanks: Haykuro,Maestro(ddr),Twisted,Jac,Shafty,Maxisma,Eu gene373,mlign,ccyrowski, and many others!

im gunna be traveling alot the next month or two and with official sense out i dont think theres a whole lot to do until droid comes out soo this is prolly my last update guys


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