Android ROM Build Release Notes for KiNgxKxROM Sapphire Sense V1.2
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Version 1.2<10/24/09> 10:53pm PST

- Optimized Rosie VERY SLIGHTLY as of this release
- Little bit more optimization on common apk`s
- Fixed Contact Widgets
- Fixed FC on Gapps
- Fixed FC`s on boot
- Market should be fixed !!!
- Removed "Learn More"
- Changed user.conf
- Trying Comp Cache with backing Setup a 64-96MB swap partition
- Gtalk works now!
- Removed "custom locale"
- Gettingg FasTt!

Version 1.1 <10/23/09> 4:10pm PST

Same as version 1.0 except:

- About 25% more optimization
- Optimized a few widgets
- Market fixed !
- Included paidappsfix.apk in case there are still market issues
- Included Phone Portal
- Added "More Locale"
- Changed User.conf
- Added IM application THAT WORKS!
- Removed Quake2 (until I find a working version)
- Removed "SMS Migrator"
- Replaced "H" icon with "3G" icon *THANKS LYCOLN*
- Removed "custom locale"
- Wallpapers put back in, no more FC
- Things I forgot to add here that I`ll put in as I remember !

Version 1.0 <10/21/09> 8:48pm PST

- First release v1.0
- Based off of the LATEST Sapphire sense dump (port)
- Included Task Manager *use it!*
- Some optimization
- Give it time when first started, lots of widgets on home set up
- KEYBOARD DOES NOT FC when opened on rosie
- True Transparent Lockscreen
- Includes HTC SYNC
- Includes HTC Quick Office
- Included Wifi Tether 1.60p3
- Transparent Status Bar
- Camcorder sound now works
- Voice recorder sound now works
- Optimized HTC_IME
- Included BB2.apk
- Includes Google Maps
- GPS Working!
- Included Phone Renicer script to boost incoming call times *thanks miketaylor*
- Optimized a couple widgets
- Includes NEW Large People Widget!
- BFS 302 (thanks CC/JAC)
- Added "Spare Parts"
- Native LED support!
- Added HeroLED so you can configure your LEDs
- Linux-Swap enabled by default 80 swappiness
- Added "SwitchROM" to /system/sd