Android ROM Build Release Notes for KiNgxKxROM Sense Hybrid v2.1
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What She`s Got:

Version 2.1 <10/26/09> 12:26am PST

Same stuff as 2.0 except:

- Removed regular terminal
- Using Better terminal now
- Fixed Market !
- More optimization
- Optimized widgets
- Fixed Flash !
- Removed Quake 2 until I find a working one
- Added working IM client
- Lockscreen still transparent but has Wallpaper, can remove upon request
- Ill add as I rememebr

Version 2.0 <10/20/2009> 1:50pm PST

This build is essentially the same as 1.9 but with a few things from "Drizzy`s Final 1.0" Is technically v1.1 and so on:

- Transparent Lockscreen is back
- A LOT more optimization
- Super Optmized Rosie
- "sdparted" in xbin thanks dusty/lycoln
- HTC FootPrints is back
- Widgets far more optimized
- New people widget!
- Added latest HeroLED (use app to set up first) *thanks fictionles*
- Rosie does not FC when you open the keyboard!
- BB2.apk still included
- Using New Sense!
- Tweaks for speed FAST FAST
- Transparent status
- Flash Player not working... Will fix this
- Camcorder sound working
- Voice Recorder sound working
- Meltus audio hack for clarity *thanks Meltus*
- BFS 302 *Thanks CC & JAC*
- Other things I forgot that I`ll put up here

Version 1.9 <10/17/09> 8:30pm PST

Same stuff as 1.8 except:

- Newest HeroLED, VERY nice (Use HeroLED app to set up first) *thanks fictionless*
- More optimization with my method (doing a handful per release now)
- Tweaks on framework
- Full MT3G support! LED`s as well!
- Worked on HTC_IME (should be snappy let me know what you think )
- Swap by default now (Recommend 120MB swap partition)
- Tweaked user.conf
- No reboots in a week
- Transparent Lockscreen
- Added "Portal"
- Added Quake 2 (It`s freeware do not worry)
- Added BB2.apk
- Some visual changes (semi blur look on a couple things) *thanks lycoln*
- Few other things I forgot and will probably add here

Version 1.8 <10/13/09> 12:20am PST

Same stuff as 1.7 except:

- Changed Meltus`s hack back to clarity hack
- Added my NEW hacked "secret optimized" rosie
- Optimized almost every apk widget *thanks for the help jdubz*
- Changed CompCache settings
- Newest HeroLED 2.0.3
- Added newest Wireless Tether 1.60p3
- Changed user.conf
- Give it some time after rosie loads the first time to get fully set up
- Couple other things I know I`m forgetting

Version 1.7 <10/12/09> 12:30am PST

Same stuff as 1.6 Except:

- Added meltus hack with bass
- Tightened sound on voice/video recorder
- Added newest "HeroLED" app *thanks fictionless*
- Added Prioritizing script *run the "phone prioritizer" app* (speeds up HTC Music and incoming calls) *thanks miketaylor00*
- Made status bar transparent *thanks lycoln*
- Optimized more APK`s with MY secret method
- Optimized a couple widgets with MY secret method
- Using CC
- Added "switchrom"
- HTC Setup Wizard is now QUICK

Version 1.6 <10/08/09> 12:04pm PST

Same stuff as 1.5 Except:

- Hacked Rosie more optimization
- No more black boxes on rosie *thanks for your help Lycoln*
- "rosystem" works
- Ext4 Support now!!! Use it!
- Put resize2fs back into tools
- Still using CC with backing- Use 64MB swap partition
- Microsoft Exchange included

Version 1.5 <10/07/09> 3:00pm PST

Same stuff as 1.4r1 Except:

- NEW OPTIMIZED rosie with MY secret technique
- Changed to different BFS *thanks a ton CC*
- Updated WLAN.ko
- NO REBOOTS anymore
- CC with Backing- Use a 64MB swap partition
- Few other things I cant think of right now
- Swap -s works in terminal

Version 1.4r1 <10/6/09> 12:33am PST

Same stuff as 1.4 Except:

- Removed "RAM Hack"
- Reverted back to new ,but older BFS for stability
- "rwsystem" is now usable *no permission denied anymore*
- Couple other things I can`t think of at the moment

Version 1.4 <10/5/09> 7:10pm PST

Same stuff as 1.3 Except:

- Auto correct put back into HTC_IME
- Updated Comp Cache
- Now using Comp Cache with backing swap by default!
- Fixed most reboot issues
- Few other tweaks I forget all meant for SPEED

Version 1.3 <10/5/09> 12:00am PST

Same stuff as Version 1.2 Except:

- Added Final HeroLED *thanks again jinx10000*
- Fixed camcorder sound
- Fixed voice recorder sound
- Changed Meltus`s Audio Hack
- Implemented newest BFS 302 *Thanks a ton CC*
- Fixed Multi-Touch *no patch needed*
- More optimization on more than a handful of apk`s
- Fixed ALL wi-fi issues
- All HTC Scenes
- Added extra RAM hack *EXPERIMENTAL* but makes it FAST FAST FAST

Version 1.2 <9/30/09>

Same stuff as Version 1.1r1/2 Except:

- Implemented LED fix into the ROM (Patch is JUST for Multi-Touch now) here:
- Implemented BFS 240 *thanks JAC/ccrowski)*

Version 1.1r1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 Except:

- Fixed SU
- Couple other bug fixes
- Added Multi-Touch! Just patch v1.1r1 with: This patch also includes blinking LED`s and some bug fixes
*makes it "r2"*

Version 1.1 <9/28/09>

Same stuff as Version 1 EXCEPT:


- Meltus`s Loud Volume Hack with clarity
- New Hero LED fix (thanks Jinx10000)
- LED notifications
- 90% Optimization (MAY be able to shrink PNG`s on a couple)
- Kept the stock HTC boot screens and sounds
- Using my "Red Rosie" (Will upload other stock rosie version upon request)

Version 1 <9/24/09>

-Same stuff included as Beta 1 EXCEPT:


- Meltus`s audio hack
- 10% more optimization (more to come)


-Footprints (Does ANYONE even use this?)
-Footprints widget
-HTC Sync

Beta 1 <9/22/09>

- Latest JAC kernel
- Included apps to sd (thanks Cyanogen!)
- ttc_smokee`s gps fix
- CPU scaling set to 245 minimum 528 maximum
- Kept MoDaCo`s UI setup
- LED fix by twisted, shafty, and fictionless (Some Notifications seem to be working!)
- Semi Optomized APK`s
- My User.conf with swap setup by default, Swappiness of 80
- Comp Cache Modules included
- Busybox 1.15
- Has terminal
- Haykuro`s apn list
- Optimized HTC_IME (thanks Jubeh!)
- Added Set CPU
- Has tether
- Has Stocks
- Has Maps with GPS!
- Amazon MP3 (O YA!)
- Has Spare Parts
- Has HTC Sync
- Has teeter
- Has Task Manager
- Has Foot Prints
- Removed WP files (except Location WP)
- KiNg KlicK CUstom splash Screen
- Has Java
- Has Flash Player
- Has Footprints
- Has PDF viewer
- Rosie Themes Available NOW!
*And a few other goodies i forgot to mention


-Quick Office (not my choice )

In the Future:

- Other "schtuff"