Android ROM Build Release Notes for Motorola Blur v1.1
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Moto Cliq V0.5r2
: apps to sd
: su works
: spare parts now works
: removed touchpal
: added old term, new ones where having some issues

Moto Cliq (Beta)V0.5 (all on first post)
: Drizzy/barak kernel bfs
: Multitouch
: root/su/superuser.apk
: apps to sd
: Linux-swap (set by default)
: compcache (not set by default)
: Meltus audio hack (Thank you)
: busybox 1.5.2
: better term.apk
: touchpal.apk
: New 1.6 spare parts (please set you end key to sleep)
: End Key (thanks twisted)
: trout sensors and user folder
: HTC Wifi tether 1.60.apk
: more locales.apk (replaced custom locale)
: Hero Audio files (Cliq`s was too gay)
: VPN services.apk
: added some files
: shazaam.apk
: imme.apk
: audio postcard.apk
: removed stock cupcake VK
: removed motoblur setup because all the backups it makes lags the phone (still has Google setup)

Moto Cliq (Beta-Beta)- Experimental
: Fixed data

Moto Cliq (Alpha)- Experimental
: Initial release
: Moto Cliq Port