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Release Information for ICS IMM76D UCLF6 Base - Stock, Rooted, Deodexed + FJ-Mod Build #4 "Vacation Surprise!" by flappjaxxx
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
8/19/2012 4:42:17 PM
6447 Times
10899 Times
Base OS:
Other Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Supported Devices:
- Samsung Galaxy Note I717: AT&T


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flappjaxxx Proudly Presents
UCLF6 Base Rom Featuring
The Unofficial FJ-Mod Build #5
“I do what I want!”

Often Imitated but Never Duplicated!

Read This Post Thoroughly!
When you are done, Read It Again!

What is it you ask?
This is the latest AT&T ICS Official for i717 UCLF6
Features Include:
-Stock, Rooted, Deodexed
-6×5 Launcher2 is Default Launcher
-Much debloating
-busybox installed and symlinked properly
-Latest UCLF6 Modem
-Rooted with SuperSU included
-A few of my favorite apps included
-Now featuring The Unofficial FJ-Mod by Default
-Custom h0tjaxXx OC/UV kernel, unsecured, root adb, init.d support, custom boot animation support Kernel Source Here
-FJ-Tools With OTA and much more!
-Tethering enabler by electron73

ROM Downloads:
Download – DevHost Mirror
Download – Community Release

md5sum SGH-i717-UCLF6-FJMod-B5.zip = 079df1d5083fb5d3bdc3a51a4cd5c54b


*Kernel Issue*
There is a known bug in the kernel when setting clock speeds with certain OC/UV Apps.
The issue is that when setting overclock settings it is only overclocking one core and leaving the other core at stock speeds.
This is not specific to the kernel included here.
After much testing today I have narrowed down some things.
1. The following apps DO NOT set clock speeds on both cores correctly: Antutu CPU Master and CM9 Performance Settings
2. The following apps DO set clock speeds on both cores correctly: SetCPU and System Tuner
I prefer System Tuner as it gives you many more options.
I have also discovered and so have some of you already that you do not need to force all CPUs online on boot.
The second core will come online when the cpu is taxed enough to need it online.
I have tested this on Antutu Benchmark and Quadrant and have had best results using System Tuner and have witnessed it bring the second core online consistently.
My suggestion for now until this is worked out on a kernel level, is to use System Tuner.
This is not a terrible bug but unless you use System Tuner or SetCPU, you will not be overclocking the CPU properly.

If for some reason you start having random reboots or instability try one of the following kernels.
Standard UCLF6 Customized Kernel No OC/UV

Excellent but Unsupported Mods:

-phMOD SGS3 Mods and more done correctly-
Go Here and get it - Thanks paleh0rse

-electron73′s 15 toggle mod
Go here and get it - Thanks electron73

Modem Downloads:
UCLF6 Modem Download (Included in this ROM already)

Older modems:
UCLF5 Modem Download
UCLE2 Modem Download
Gingerbread Modem Download
UCLC5 Modem Download
UCLD3 Modem Download

1. Download to sdcard
2. Reboot to recovery
3. Wipe data/factory reset *ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED COMING

4. Flash Rom
5. Reboot and Enjoy
6. *Bug reports not necessary in this thread* This ROM ships As-Is
7. No this will not do anything to your bootloader.

If you wish to report a bug, please report it at our New Bug Tracker Here

Known Issues:
-Using conservative governor for any sleep profiles will cause random freezes and shut downs/reboots. *DO NOT USE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNOR FOR SLEEP PROFILES*
-Using ondemandX governor may cause random freezes and shut downs/reboots. *DO NOT USE ONDEMANDX GOVERNOR*
-You tell me
-Setting DPI to anything other than stock 320 will cause app compatibility errors in the Play Store. Set dpi back to stock 320, clear Play Store cache, clear google framework services cache then rebooting should fix this.
This is not specific to this ROM so please do not report this as a bug
-Setting DPI to anything lower than 220 will cause SystemUI to force close constantly and generally be an unpleasant experience.

-Widgets may tell you they don’t fit using Apex Launcher.
*Solution* Menu> Apex settings> Homescreen settings> change Portrait grid to 5×6 or more and Landscape grid to 5×4 or more. Your widgets will fit now. Also you can resize any widget using Apex Launcher too
-Will make fine women lose their drawers
-Has been known to cause neediness and complaining in some users
-Other than that it is perfect

Tools Will Not Update:
1. Open Terminal app
2. Type in the following without quotes hitting Enter after each command
3. ‘su’
4. ‘fjtool upfjtools’
5. Let it do it’s thing, if it fails it is because you have done something to break functionality and my only suggestion is to reinstall the ROM

Thanks in no particular order:
Korey Nicholson
The Family
bigbiff and TeamWin for TWRP!
Mortem Taum
Stormy Beach
All the flamers out there
Those couple of secret testers – you know who you are
Everyone in the world  (Now I haven’t missed anyone)

Full Changelog Here