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Release Information for ICS(Ice Cream Sandwich) Passion by neobuddy89
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Release Support and more
Last Updated:
3/9/2012 3:30:22 PM
9308 Times
2085 Times
Base OS:
AOSP 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Supported Devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant


If you install this release , please rate it to help other people decide:

  • Currently 4.4/5 Stars.

[ROM][03-MAR][4.0.3] ICS Passion v13.1 - RC1.1 - No Big Update Yet


You can find Links at our FB Group, XDA, CleanAndroid Forums and Simply-Android Forums.


Presenting a stable release of ICS Passion by TEAM PASSION.


  • Optimized Framework & Launcher
  • Mute / Unmute Fixed
  • 911 Works (Don`t just completely rely on this)
  • Working GPS
  • Updated Apps
  • Pre-Zip Aligned and zip aligning of new apps on each reboot.
  • Battery Calibration on near 100% battery level with a reboot.
  • Database Optimization
  • Extended Boot Menu
  • Smoother GUI
  • DSP Manager
  • Facebook Sync
  • FCs Fixed
  • Busybox Fixed with latest Superuser
  • Voodoo Sound v10 Kernel by Nelson
  • SmartassV2 Governor + Many more governors.
  • Nexus S Color Gamma Hack
  • OC upto 1.4Ghz. Recommended 1.0-1.2GHz.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Highly Customizable. Will have more customization options in next releases.
  • Face Lock Addon available for FFC users
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Blinking LED notifications. (Kernel Dependent)

What works

  • Everything including GPS.

Known Issues:

  • You tell us!


We are not responsible for anything happens to your device. 
You may install this at your own risk and slap T-Mobile and Samsung Crew for abandoning our devices.

Download Link:

Download v13.1 RC 1.1

ICS Passion MODs.

Face Unlock Addon v2 

# The ROM will get smoother eventually with use. Don`t rush things and Read FAQ.

Sign this petition, please: Petition to bring ICS Officially for Vibrant.

Nelson deserves big applause for this release. Click HERE to donate Team Passion ROM developer, Nelson

Old Beta Releases:

Download v12 + Superuser App FC Fix for v12 + Mirrors
Download v11 + Mirror
Download v10.6
Download v10 + OC/UV Kernel for ICS Passion v10 by Nelson
Download v9.2
Download v8
Download v7

You Need Gingerbread Bootloader for once if you coming fromcustom ROM:

  • If you are on any Froyo Custom Rom, install CM7 first and then install GB Bootloader
  • Bootloader is needed to avoid Rainbows which are COLOR SPLASHES on the screen seen during boot.
  • Find GB Bootloader HERE. Flash Bootloader at your OWN RISK.

Installation Steps for those coming from ICS Passion v10 onwards:

  • Uninstall/Disable any root tool which configures kernel or changes frequencies on boot. You can install/enable later after upgrade.
  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Flash the file.
  • Reboot. Let it settle. Enjoy.

Installation Steps for those coming from other ICS versions or CM7 or MIUI:

  • Reboot in Recovery
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Flash the file. You may need to flash file twice if there is bootloop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Reboot.
  • Reboot once again after you see everything settled and you are on your homescreen.

NOTE: If you get in boot loop during first install, DONT panic. 
Remove battery. Hold Vol Down + Home + Power Key. You will enter new recovery mode. Flash the ROM again.
Some users (having Froyo Bootloader) need to press Vol Up Key instead of Home Key to get in Recovery.

For those who are new to flashing or on Vibrant stock ROM (Eclair) 
and don`t wish to undertake risky approach of flashing Bootloader, see this video:

Click Here

For those who are coming from custom non-ICS ROMs:

  • Reboot in recovery (CWM)
  • Wipe Data/ Factory Reset.
  • Format SYSTEM from Mounts and Storage.
  • Flash the file.
  • It will most probably go in boot loop due to CWM version mismatch.
  • Remove battery. Insert it.
  • Press Vol Down + Home + Long press power till Gingerbread bootloader appears and vanish
  • (or press Vol Down + Vol Up + Long press power till Froyo bootloader appears and vanish)
  • You will enter in CWM mode, if not do repeat above two steps
  • Now follow instructions of CM7/MIUI/ICS. Wiping Data again after this may give bootloop. So skip wiping data step.


https://github.com/ngiordano (kernel source)


  • Nelson for the Kernel
  • Romanbb for source hack to enable FB sync
  • Daniel for the Bootsplash and other graphical enhancements
  • CM9/Teamhacksung for the drivers
  • Annex for cosmetic upgrades which are really better than Stock ICS AOSP.
  • psycho for Mods

Not encouraging but donations are welcome to boost development. Click 
Thanks to all who donated already.

"Thank you"

We did get Ice Cream. Have you ?  ICS Passion users READ THIS please.

Phone: Samsung Vibrant ** The iPhone Slayer **
Current ROM: ICS Passion v13 (4.0.3) and ICS Euphoria RC1 ... I keep switching as per development demands.
Join OUR Facebook Group to stay updated!

Last edited by neobuddy89; 3rd March 2012 at 06:27 PM.

v13.1 changelog:

  • Updated to latest Kernel.
  • Super User Fixed
  • Removed a paid app added by mistake.

v13 changelog:
  • Release Candidate 1. Not Beta anymore. Fresh build.
  • Mute / Unmute Fixed (Hopefully!)
  • 911 Works (Don`t completely rely on this though it`s tested by Many people)
  • Fixed FCs for Brightness Modes in Notification Toggles settings.
  • Retouched Settings
  • Updated Kernel. Thanks Nelson.
  • Blue Poison Themed. (It`s back without tampering ICS beauty)
  • Google Apps updated.

v12 changelog:
  • Kernel Update. Thanks Nelson.
  • Stability Increased
  • Status Bar Customizable (Find in Settings)
  • Mute / Unmute Trial and Error ?
  • Retouched Settings
  • WiFi fixes
  • Media Scanner Fixes
  • Glitches of v11 fixed

v11 changelog:
  • 720p Playback/Recording Fix
  • Media Container Fixes
  • Camera Zoom Added
  • v1 Gamma Hack similar to Voodoo Gamma Hack (Settings > Device Options)
  • GPS driver files fix
  • Toggles and backlight settings now easily accessible via Settings
  • Default wallpaper fixed and Misc icons in Settings polished
  • Init Scripts Revised with more tweaks
  • Device encryption re-fixed
  • TV Out upgraded
  • Launcher revised
  • Music App along with some other apps will be uninstallable

v10.6 changelog:
  • GPS Locks possible even after you disable and renable it. (Fixed regression of v10, v10.5)
  • GPS break in Eugene`s kernel Fixed.

v10.5 changelog:
  • Kernel upgraded - new Ramdisk. Thank you Nelson.
  • 100 Mhz Minimum disabled. 200 MHz - 1000 MHz default for stability.
  • Screen getting unresponsive resolved. Even if you set minimum to 100MHz
  • GPS upgraded. GPS LTO activated to feed GPS with LTO Data.
  • GPS Locks possible even after you disable and renable it. (Fixed regression of v10)
  • init.d implementation correction. Much Faster Booting process!
  • Completely New RAM management to make it capable running even big apps smoothly
  • Zipaligning and Battery calibration process at boot is now FIXED. Reboot phone when fully charged to calibrate battery.
  • Root Browser (free version) updated
  • Voodoo Control App removed (but you can download from market and use)
  • Music app replaced with Market version
  • All scripts are revised and to check logs see data/nb folder
  • Proximity Sensor files changed, however brightness modes will still FC for now.
  • Mute/Unmute issue may or may not exist. (variable test results on our side)
  • Signature correction to fix downloads from Market.

v10 changelog:
  • Kernel updated to internal version 3.0.8 by Nelson
  • Boot Splash by Daniel
  • Themed "Blue Poison" by me. Much better look than AOSP default.
  • Added notification and ringtone sounds from MIUI v4 and made them default.
  • Camera Touch Focus Added
  • Compass and accelerometer works for all apps
  • Low Data issues solved.
  • Auto Brightness and Proximity Sensor upgrade
  • Trebuchet Launcher highly customized and optimized
  • AngryGPS available by default
  • Mass storage speed increased
  • No more Force Closes
  • Settings app & shortcut to control notification toggles
  • Scripts revised
  • Launcher preferences and Device options for TV out & Color Tuning integrated with System Settings
  • v10 will be last ROM requiring *full* wipe before installing, next versions upgrade won`t require wipe data (as planned)

v9.2 changelog:
  • Fixed Proximity Sensor
  • Fixed Auto Brightness

v9.1 changelog:
  • Fixed No Sim on Lockscreen Error
  • Fixed Dalvik Memory Usage
  • Gmail reverted back to original on demand
  • Extended Power Menu reverted back
  • Framework updated correctly
  • Fixed FCs 

v9 changelog:
  • Facebook Sync -- Pics may not be of High-res
  • ICS Passion Wallpapers Collection straight to your SdCard!
  • Google app updated to base 4.0.3
  • Face Lock v2 available and confirmed working
  • GPS Internal Config Rewrite
  • DSP Manager Fully Fixed and included
  • Optimized Trebuchet Launcher
  • Toggles in Notification Pulldown
  • Redesigned Extended Power Menu
  • Revised Scripting
  • Data connection corrections
  • Offline Gallery -- it won`t sync with picasa
  • Phone encryption should work
  • Inverted GMail App to prevent white on white text
  • Framework & all important apps optimized - Smoothest of all versions is here!

v8 changelog:
  • New Base 4.0.3
  • Fresh Build with datadata partition (on demand)
  • Everything Works - Video Recording and GPS too.
  • Hardware Composition
  • New & December Special Boot Splash. Thanks dsimages.
  • Updated Voodoo Sound v10 Kernel. Thanks Nelson.
  • Front camera is working better. NO Face Unlock for v8+
  • Video Playback is hardware accelerated.
  • Camera Options doesn`t FC anymore. (Let it settle on first use though)
  • Drastic Battery Life improvement
  • New Scripts - Corrected Zipaligning
  • No Reboot Issues - No Yellow Splash
  • Internet tweaked for speed
  • Framework Optimized and Updated
  • Framework got Deeper ICS Taste. Thanks Annex.
  • Movie Studio works better.
  • WiFi improved. Avoid Poor Connections Removed.

v7 changelog:
  • Working GPS. Use faster fix and set to China if you dont get locks.
  • Updated Kernel. Thanks Nelson.
  • Updated Launcher. New Wallpapers. Thanks Annex and dsimages.
  • Added Adobe Flash.
  • Smoother & supercharged experience.
  • Integrated new RAM management tweaks and performance optimization. No need to flash any other zip to boost performance!
  • New Optimized Bootanimation. Feel the difference.
  • Annex`s update on framework.
  • Quadrant Score > Max obtained by me 2528.
  • No nasty gpsd service/process running in background to consume your battery (as it was in v6.5)
  • Added a new App called SysControl NB to control all running tasks!! Please explore it.
  • Added NB AngryGPS and GPS LbsMode Test.
  • Datadata Symlink Removed due to its negative effect on performance.
  • 25k+ Ads Blocked. Faster Browsing Experience.
  • Framework & System App `s PNG Optimization Removed to get renewed and original ICS look.
  • Remount Tweaks to save battery Added
  • SDCard Speed Fix Tweak Added
  • SQLite Optimization improved

v6.5 changelog:
  • Audio Issues Fixed. TTS, Voice Actions, Voice Search and related apps working.
  • Voodoo Sound v10 Added. Thanks Nelson.
  • Updated Framework. Deeper ICS Taste. Thanks Annex.
  • Percentage Battery Mod.
  • Darket Boot Animation for Amoled.
  • Updated Kernel with progress bar on Boot Splash.
  • Added HTC Sense Live Wallpaper. (Uninstallable)
  • Changed Default wallpaper to most liked Phase Beam Wallpaper.
  • New Scripts (Partially working because of inadequate init.d support. We will implement alternate and better init.d)
  • Framework and System Applications Optimization.
  • Market Updated to latest. Faster now!
  • Audio Files optimized.
  • WiFi related minor fixes.
  • Dialer Optimization. T9 Removed.
  • Other minor fixes.

ROM will get smoother eventually with use. Read FAQ

We got 3573 downloads for v5, so its better I list here what`s been upgraded over v5 in v6:
  • T9 Dialer. Enable it from Dialer Settings.
  • Completely New Kernel by Nelson (ngiordano) with SmartAssV2 Governor.
  • WiFi Tethering
  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth Tethering
  • WiFi Direct
  • Both SD Cards now Mount in your PC
  • TV Out. (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • HSUPA/HSDPA switching (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • Color Tuning (Use Galaxy Settings App)
  • Datadata partition works!
  • No more Low Space issue. Read FAQ.
  • Improved services
  • Cleaned unused files
  • Zip Aligning on each boot (Improves performance)
  • Database Optimization (Improves performance)
  • Added Video Player for playing MKV, MP4... all formats
  • Root Browser & CPU Master Removed. Use All-In-One Root App instead!
  • Google Currents App (As its not available in few countries, I added it)
  • No More FCs in Gallery
  • No More FLICKER after locking
  • Init.d Support. WARNING: Adding unstable script wouldn`t let you boot.
  • NO need to flash Thunderbolt, added equivalent, sufficient scripts.
  • Try more scripts by All-In-One Root App
  • Overall optimization of apps & services. Now more smoother.
  • More Sensitive Touch
  • Google Earth is REMOVED. Flash from Addons if you need.

v13.1 changelog:

  • Updated to latest Kernel.
  • Super User Fixed
  • Removed a paid app added by mistake.

v13 changelog:

  • Release Candidate 1. Not Beta anymore. Fresh build.
  • Mute / Unmute Fixed (Hopefully!)
  • 911 Works (Don`t completely rely on this though it`s tested by Many people)
  • Fixed FCs for Brightness Modes in Notification Toggles settings.
  • Retouched Settings
  • Updated Kernel. Thanks Nelson.
  • Blue Poison Themed. (It`s back without tampering ICS beauty)
  • Google Apps updated.