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Release Information for Cognition S2 by designgears
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Release Summary:
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Last Updated:
11/13/2011 10:54:50 PM
4823 Times
1012 Times
Base OS:
Other Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Supported Devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S II I9100



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Cognition S2

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Based on I9100XXKI3
Rooted, Deodexed, Zipaligned & Debloated
Ninphetamine-2.1.3 Kernel
Extended power menu
Removed TV animation from feature set (always something wrong with it)
SIP over wifi and 3g
Accurate battery mod
Fujutweaks (2.3.7 (GRJ90) app_process & system_server (similar to fugutweaks, but newer, custom built, smoother))
CM Modded libsqlite.so and libsqlite_jni.so
Disabled battery full notification/vibration
Fixed home button lag (disables double tap features)
Video playback at any battery level
Use camera/camcorder at any battery level
Allow calendar week to start on any day
Stay awake dev option
Enable Unknown Sources by default
Updated system apps
Ad blocking via hosts file
Removed bootup sounds
Removed main bootanimation (only loop left)
Custom launcher layout and wallpaper
Removed app drawer default layout
Enabled hidden wallpapers
Cleaned up junk files
Mms.apk Mods:
-increased max message size to AT&T max 307200 -> 614400
-smsToMmsTextThreshold 4 -> 20
-maxImageHeight 480 -> 2448
-maxImageWidth 640 -> 3264

Cognition S2 v1.6 Changelog: (10/22/2011)
Rebased on I9100XXKI3

Cognition S2 v1.5.1 Changelog: (8/29/2011)
-Added ninphetamine-2.1.3
-Remove Arabic support (See here if you need it)
-Added Samsung keyboard from KH3
-Added Swype keyboard from KH3
-Fixed CSC
-Fixed out of context text (sms send button, copy to clipboard toast, etc...)
-Fixed custom bootanimation support
-Fixed adb install issues

Cognition S2 v1.5 Changelog: (8/21/2011)
Based on I9100XXKH3
Removed modified email (causing me issues with my mail, wakelock)
Removed call recording (another wakelock, and it makes the dialer look ugly)
Home button lag fix (disables double tap)
Added txt/mms back into call logs (discovered I like this feature)
Added older Swype (RTL support, new bundled version is horrid)

Cognition S2 v1.42 Changelog: (8/16/2011)
Fixed clean install bootloop
Fixed Google Talk FC

Cognition S2 v1.41 Changelog: (8/15/2011)
Custom Kernel
--Based on SpeedMod K1-T22 Patches/Initramfs
--Added 1.6Ghz OC
--Added UV support
--Added BLN support
--Insecure (always root in adb)
--Cherry picked bug fixes
--Fixes ADB install issue
Added CWMManager (Rom Manager replacement for basic functions)
Juwe11`s Ram Tweaks
Google Talk w/Video
No Phone Options header (for real this time)
Added new samsung keyboard (with nordic support)
Added new email (removed security policy restrictions)
Added new browser (with user agent switcher)

Cognition S2 v1.40 Changelog: (8/13/2011)
Based on I9100XXKG6
Added Ninphetamine-2.0.5
Added Fujutweaks (2.3.5 (GRJ90) app_process & system_server (similar to fugutweaks, but newer, custom built, smoother))
Properly Deodexed thanks to Brightidea & JesusFreke (hardware accelerated deodexed browser)
Added Arabic + RTL reading/writing
Added BLN support for stock Mms.apk
Added Call Recording
Added Overscroll glow (blue)
Added Hacked camera (take picture with volume down)

Cognition S2 v1.31 Changelog: (7/25/2011)
Added Ninphetamine-2.0.2
Added Wifi Sharing apk`s

Cognition S2 v1.30 Changelog: (7/25/2011)
rebased on I9100XXKG3
Removed overscroll glow (the twitchy menus are getting annoying)
Added Ninphetamine-2.0.1

Cognition S2 v1.20 Changelog: (7/22/2011)
Rebased on KG2
Kernel Updated: (a ninphetamine kernel coauthored by Ninpo and netarchy)
--v2.01 (custom built)
--Updated cwm to
Video playback at any battery level
Custom boot animation fixed
CRT animation fixed
Removed app drawer default layout

Cognition S2 v1.15 Changelog: (7/17/2011)
Kernel Updated: (a ninphetamine kernel coauthored by Ninpo and netarchy)
--Custom Compiled Version - More info here!
--Using my previous initramfs (newest cwm, custom bootani, init.d)
--Added Custom Boot Animation Support
--Added CWM Manager (replaces rom manager for basic functions)
Extended Notification toggles (for real this time!)
Added the stock browser back in (Phone.apk depends on Browser.apk, WTF Samsung!)

Cognition S2 v1.14 Changelog: (7/17/2011)
New Kernel: (a ninphetamine kernel coauthored by Ninpo and netarchy)
--v1.1 - More info here!
Removed stock browser (install a browser from the market)

Cognition S2 v1.13 Changelog: (7/14/2011)
No data wipe (single download, full rom, wipe data via recovery options if needed)
Dalvik-cache cleared on flash
No more update versions (they either work great, or destroy everything!)
--Fixed Battery Drain (Not everyone was experiencing this, but I was able to reproduce it)
Fixed Flash Player
Camera is totally silent again!
Removed Google Video (install as needed, video rentals not available outside of USA)
Removed Google Books (extra weight, if you read books you probably have this )

Cognition S2 v1.12 Changelog: (7/13/2011)
Added Overscroll Glow
Updated clockworkmod recovery to
Added multi-touch fix
Removed txt/mms/emails from call logs
Updated Market
Updated Superuser/su
Removed muveszur`s Mms.apk mod (causing odd issues again)
Added Google`s new Video Player (for video rentals from new market)
Added Google Books (for books from new market)

Cognition S2 v1.11 Changelog: (7/11/2011)
Fixed Phone FC when call ends
Fixed AlarmClock FC

Cognition S2 v1.1 Changelog: (7/10/2011)
Rebased on 2.3.4 (I9100XXKG1, except kernel)
Updated modem (I9100XXKG1)
Fixed all symlinks
Removed extended notification bar toggles (broken for now, working on it)
Removed Cog Apps Installed (will be back soon)
Moved home screen back to page 1 (current methods of changing not working to change page to 4, working on it)
Added muveszur`s Mms.apk mod:
--no auto converting messages to MMS after 4 SMS.
--possible to add to the message 200 contacts instead of 20 contacts.
--display sent time instead of the received time
--Google Maps
--Street View on Google Maps

Cognition S2 v1.08 Changelog: (7/3/2011)
Added XXKE4 Modem (Proper modem for KE7)

Cognition S2 v1.07 Changelog: (6/22/2011)
Ok, I am going to stick to my guns and rip stuff out, if you want it, add it back in!
Optimized kernel
--Changed to a new toolchain (better battery life)
--Disabled Interactive Governor (samsung disabled that for a reason!)
--Changed battery polling rate (1 -> 5min)
Fixed Google Talk not sending video
Added overscroll glow
Added Gmail.apk back in (seems some countries cannot get it on the market)
Removed VoiceToGo.apk (if you need it, get it from removed files)
Removed FileTransfer apk`s (if you need it, get it from removed files)
Removed SNS stuff (if you need it, get it from removed files)
Removed SevenEngine.apk (if you need it, get it from removed files)
Removed social hub apps (if you need it, get it from removed files)
Removed some more junk files
Removed main bootanimation (only loop left)

Cognition S2 v1.06 Changelog: (6/19/2011)
Optimized kernel
--Enabled ThumbEE
--Built on recommend toolchain
--Enabled Interactive Governor
--Tweaked haptic feedback
--Fixed HDMI output
--Adjusted memory allocations to stock (more available to the user)
Added VoiceToGo back in (it`s not causing the wake or menu lag)
Bluetooth audio fix

Cognition S2 v1.05 Changelog: (6/18/2011)
Notification toggles language fix
Reverted system animation speeds to stock
Allow calendar week to start on any day (requested by mhburney)
Added FileTransfer apk`s back in
Added lcdtest.apk back in
Added SNS stuff back in (minus socialhub)

Cognition S2 v1.04 Changelog: (6/18/2011)
Updated ClockworkMod Recovery to
Fixed haptic feedback strength
Reverted Mms.apk changes
Extended notification bar toggles
Fixed VPN files and symlinks

Cognition S2 v1.03 Changelog: (6/16/2011)
Another Clock Fix (if you still have issues, clear data, settings > applications > manage applications > all tab)
Fixed SIP (find settings under; settings > call > internet call settings)
Added SevenEngine.apk back in (fixes premium mail services)
Mms.apk mod (info)

Cognition S2 v1.02 Changelog: (6/15/2011)
Removed from Rom Manager until the reboot to recovery is fixed
Added Google Talk w/AV
Fixed World Clock 3D Globe thingy
Reverted home button wake
Removed VoiceToGo (sad to see it go, but it causes horrible wake lag)
Removed social hub apps (twitter, facebook, myspace, etc)
Completely silent camera
Cleaned up junk files

Cognition S2 v1.01 Changelog: (6/15/2011)
Radio fix

Installation Instructions:
Download the rom zip from below (don`t rename it!)
Put the downloaded zip file on your internal sdcard
Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery (don`t do this from rom manager, it won`t work)
Select Install zip from sdcard
Select Browse for zip on sdcard
Select the zip file you put on your sdcard above
(Let it flash)
Reboot, Enjoy!

Battery Saving Tips:
Disable Fast Dormancy:
1: Dial *#9900#
2: Press Disable Fast Dormancy
3: Press Exit
Disable Samsung App Notifications:
Settings > Applications > Samsung Apps
Tick Off


SetCPU (for overclocking)
BLN control (for activating BLN)

Known Issues:
Stay awake option doesn`t stick after reboot

Older Versions:

Removed Apps:
(copy apk`s /system/app, don`t try to install them normally, it won`t work)

Special Thanks To: (credits, if I have left you out or your would like a donation link, PM ME!)

Cognition S2 v1.6 Changelog: (10/22/2011)
Rebased on I9100XXKI3