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Release Information for VeNuM ICE Rom by TeAm VeNuM
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
5/29/2012 10:20:35 PM
2244 Times
691 Times
Base OS:
Samsung TouchWiz 4.0 (android 4.0)
Supported Devices:
- Samsung Galaxy S II: Sprint Epic 4G Touch


[ ROM ] VeNuM ICE Rom [TW ICS 4.0.4/FE22] Release6][TeAm VeNuM][updated 05-26-2012]

Thanks to Paiyne for this incredible logo!!

CAUTION: If you have to ask how to or what is, "rooting", "CWM", "bricking" or what is "FE14" is, you have clicked in the wrong thread...

HTML Code:
Thanz to these Suzpectz:
johncorleone for everything really, keeping in the game, moral support, and knowing more about android than me!!!!
dazedandconfused for his great themes and help!!
rounsy222 for all his help, support, testing and for being a man you can count on!!!
Tiffany84 for making great themes and being a steady help to us all!!!
sleshepic for being a great themer and always helping!
Paiyne for his awesome help and great abnners!!
KingOfThaJungle - For helping me with EVERTHING!! And for his development, themes and mods!!!
manufan721 for his great bootanimations and testing!!
JSverbal for being a MO homeboy, great support and great testing!!
blackcanopy for awesome testing and great help in the threads and being a nice bro!!
bigpeng helping us test and giving us great feedback!!
baNks for his awesome VeNuM keyboards and ports and testing!!!
Jaybizza for keeping TeAm VeNuM pumped up great android work and testing!!!
AnAm85 the original master banner man extrodianaire!!
crazy_dragonlady for teaching ME new stuff!!
suwu10 for the great minimal theme used on this rom and his hard work!!
computerkid23 for being a great dude!!

Other important people thank yous...
Jerdog for putting up with the crap he puts up with and being a great mentor...
jayharper08 for being a great homey...
Papa Smurf151 for being such a help to the community.
maddoggin for his patience with me and being a great developer and helping so much in the community!
Crawj for all his development...
chris41g for his hard work on our phones (he has a large body of work!!)
mijjah74 for being the #1 rated developer on the ET4G!
_Burst_: Come on bro! Come over to TeAm VeNuM Please!!!!

First time flashing to ICS? see THIS post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=683

Installation Instructions:
You must be running a kernel with CWM.
1) Place the VeNuM ICE RC6.0zip on your SD card.
2) Power off your phone.
3) Boot into CWM.
4) Perform a wipe Cache, and Dalvik-cache. Now in Mounts and Storage perform format/system. Now wipe data (factory reset). You can also perform Calks wipe all zip (found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...2&d=1330705940) if you want but not needed.
5) Select "install zip from file" and navigate to and select the zip.
6) When it finishes flashing, go back and select "reboot system now". The first boot will take a couple minutes. Subsequent boots will be much faster.
Warning: Do NOT restore system data with Titanium Backup. Do NOT restore ALL apps with data. If you absolutely must restore something with Titanium Backup, only restore MISSING apps with data.
7. If you DID NOT download the rom to your pc, and dl to your phone and there`s a problem, try dl to your pc FIRST before you whine that its a bad dl. 

All Ice rom discussion go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...6#post23445136

5.5 is johncorleone`s first build... go HERE to thank him PLEASE!...

Older Downloads post 2

Originally Posted by JohnCorleone View Post

Ok. time for round 2. I want to thank every one of you that downloaded the FE16 build. Looks like it just hit 650 downloads! This is the FE22 build.

First the thanks:

Venum - continuing to share the knowledge so I can add new goodies into the ROM. Also for continuing to work on some upcoming surprises for us.

Dazedandconfused - For basically taking almost every user request as well as mine but mostly his own to make some changes to the framework of the theme and the icons. I feel this build looks 1000x better than the first FE22 tester I passed around and is a nice change up from FE16

Datajosh - Deodexed FE22 is the base

Agat and ACS - FE22 kernel with ACS Recovery is baked in this time

djdarkknight - his status bar icons and some apks as well

brainmaster - His boot animation from his Miui GB ROM. Manufan`s new boot animation will be in the Kobridge tweaks version I post later this evening

Rujelus - Inverted Twitter and Google Reader

THE TESTERS - Venum, Dazed, Rounsy, Manufan, Bigpeng, Blackcanopy, Jsverbal, Brainsurgeon, ffkip911, sleshepic, robertm2011, and BigJPNut who provided some good constructive criticism about icons not matching in FE16 and such. Thanks to all of you!

And a BIG shout out to Stongsteve for his odexed version! He worked hard and some long hours everyone! So please give him some thanks!! 

Download RL6.0 (build by johncorleone!) : 

md5 checksum - 1dc0525088310500afe479a9625bb66d

RL6.0 FE22 Ice- http://www.mediafire.com/?10x7ls2stvlda2i

Odexed by Strongsteve: http://www.mediafire.com/?w5dxyzgx6dnwv9z

Same ICS flashing rules apply. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR PHONE. How you choose to flash is up to you BUT avoid wiping data partition individually in ICS recovery

Please post feedback and suggestions for future updates. Also, if you have any interesting app ideas, PM me (johncorleone) about them. Enjoy!!


"You know the deal, if you are illiterate and can`t read, therefore you brick the $500 dollar phone you have... well, that`s YOUR fault"

Last edited by VeNuM; 27th May 2012 at 05:21 PM.

05-26-2012 RL 6.0
Updated to FE22
FE22 kernel with ACS recovery
Super Video
Hulu Plus
Updated Netflix
Screen Dim - app for extra low screen brightness
Ad Free app
Updated Battery Snake
Inverted Twitter
Black and white icons on many apps.
Custom battery charging sound (can be deleted from system/media/audio/UI)
** What really makes this update is all of the work to the theme and icons that Dazedandconfused did!!! He really tried to get your requests for changes in here. Hit the thanks button for Dazed!! This is shaping up as an inverted multimedia ROM. This phone shines when it comes to that!-per JohnCorleone!