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Release Information for Sense-o-Maniac -ICE- Sense 3.6 by V6-Maniac
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
4/10/2012 12:54:06 PM
2200 Times
378 Times
Base OS:
HTC Sense 3.6 (Android 4.0)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Sensation


[ROM] Apr.10 Sense-o-Maniac -ICE- v2.6 Sense3.6 |Your Rom,Your Way|Sweep2Wake

I am not responsible if flashing this rom results in a bricked Sensation.
Flashing this or any rom is on your own responsibility

-= Sense-o-Maniac - ICE Sense 3.6 =-

Your Rom, Your Way

Android 4.0.3 & Sense 3.6
Base: HTC Sensation - 3.32.401.105_RRUU

Bloatware Free -


  • Android 4.0.3 - 3.32.401.105_R - Thx Footbal for the RUU
  • HTC Stock kernel
  • Optional Bricked 3.0 kernel - Credits to Showp
  • Optional Bricked 3.0 GPU OC kernel - Credits to Showp
  • Optional Full Wipe in the installer
  • Adreno 2xx GPU Binaries
  • Advanced Power Menu (a big thx to CapyChimp to pull this masterpiece off)
  • HTC Stock Camera 
  • Optional HTC Camera HQ 1080p - Credits to NoDo-GT
  • HTC IME Trace
  • No Recent Apps - Optional
  • Stock Rosie
  • 5x5 Rosie Transparent BG and no text
  • Beats audio
  • Sony Bravia Engine - Optional
  • Speed & RAM Scripts
  • Zipaligned on every boot for speed
  • Disabled HTC Snooping
  • Speed optimization scripts
  • init.d support
  • Face unlock
  • Multi language
  • Rooted and added latest SU
  • ES File Explorer - Optional
  • Tweaked for speed & memory improvement
  • Fully Zipaligned
  • Fully de-odexed
  • EXT 4
  • Restore packages are available in the interactive user installer (Your choice what you want)
  • WiFi Calling Support for US Tmous users & Orange WiFi Boost - Optional
  • Extended QuickSettings (Thx J4n87)
  • Aroma Installer (Thx Amarullz) 1st Sensation rom with Aroma Installer
  • Cifs Support
  • Volume Wakeup Key - Thx Max128 - Optional
  • Bricked CmdLine-Khz script - Change zip name values to set your desired clockspeed & Screen off Mhz before flashing
  • Sweep2Wake - All credits for Show-P1984
  • Native Screenhot - (PowerMenu + Home)



Since v1.4 i added the `Aroma Installer`
Now you decide what you want

Sense-o-Maniac - Cleaning mission:

I hear you ask "Whats the purpose of a new Sense 3.6 rom"
Well I have a philosophy that a rom should be stock look and feel all the time.
But also has to be clean as far as possible, i only want apps and services which i need.

I consider this rom as my learning project since i`m only 2 years on android.
I never had the intenstion to released any rom to the public.
But since some users requested i did presented it into the wild and started with a custom rom for the HTC Desire last year...

I keep it stock and bloatware free.
I really mean bloatware free, my purpose is to minimize the rom to the bone but i must still be a fully functional Sense rom

Where user can chose and install there own apps.
Although i wanna keep it clean i will upgrade it overtime with just little tweaks for speed and memory improvement

This version has been cleaned to the bone.
Still some work to do but it`s a fully functional Sense rom.

Special thanks goes to:

CapyChimp for his hard and dedicated work to pull off a working APM
baadnwz for some of his scripts,tips and tricks
ShowP1984 for his marvelous kernels and his innovative cmdline-khz script
Tromador for translating the install script
Virtuous for there optimization scripts
RMK for the auto installer
Robocik for the Auto Clean installer script
J4n87 for the Extended QuickSettings
Amarullz for "Aroma Installer"
Richmondo & JerryTan93 from which i learn how to modify the rosie
LKW_Hermes for his hosting mirror
Virtuous Team for there optimization scripts
Max128 for his Volume Wakeup Mod
Football for the latest RUU
Steve0007, Leedroid, Shnizlon, Damo, Virtuous, Coolexe, -Snq, omerkisoss, XxXPachaXxX, Synergy 
And all other devs or people from xda who helped me or i have forgotten....

- Donations Hall of Fame -

Challgren, Tomas Trubka, Louis, bouya_k, Galaxys , Cortez.i, maniackilla, steely123, Varxx,LAChris67Desperanto86

Thank you for your generosity

Please specify your username in the donations form!
If I forgot to mention someone please do contact me 

Sense-o-Maniac - Signature banner
Thanks to Blade666x

 If you like my rom, feel free to buy me a few Beers or help my family get a new wardrobe 
(I`m very grateful for every donation you make)

Last edited by V6-Maniac; Today at 08:11 PM.

Install Notes:

  1. Before flashing be sure you have a Custom Recovery with touch drivers
  2. SuperCID your phone (Read @Step4 how to)
  3. Download the latest S-o-M ICE rom, put on your sdcard.
  4. Download the latest 3.32 base firmware, put it on your sd-card (Download)
  5. Now flash the latest firmware by booting into your bootloader (if connected to your pc select bootloader and press powerbutton)
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions for flashing the new firmware
  7. Reboot into your recovery and flash the rom. (No need to full wipe before a fresh install, the installer does the job)
  8. Let the magic begin :-)

-= NOTE =-
Your probably get into a bootloop after flashing the latest firmware.
Two ways to get into your recovery.

1. Open the adb cmd and type adb reboot recovery
2.Or remove your sd and delete the firmware image via your pc 
Put the card back in your phone and reboot into the bootloader and select recovery 

  • 4EXT Touch Recovery (for the Interactive Installer)
  • 3.32 or higher firmware other wise the rom wouldn`t boot. 

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 Sense 3.6 - v2.5
(Full Rom & Optional full wipe)
Incremental over v2.0 is possible but no guarantee for success

Full wipe is advised

Change Log:

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - V2.5 (Small update)

  • Updated Bricked kernel to v0.7 - Credits Show-p1984
  • Fully working Sweep2Wake - Credits Show-p1984
  • Deleted optional bootsplash img from the installer - May be causing th FC after flashing
  • Disabled the HTC Screenshot feature for Sweep2Wake (Native screenshot is interfering with Sweep2Wake)
  • Better use Power -> Volume down method to take screenshots

So an incremental if your coming from v2.4 should be any problem 

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - V2.4

  • Updated last Bricked 3.0.26 v0.65 with "Sweep2Unlock" (Credits to ShowP)
  • Added option in the installer to disable HTC Screenshot and use the native instead to unsure no probs with "Sweep2Unlock"
  • Changed CmdLine Screenoff & clockspeed to a saver Mhz to ensure no issues with a unresponsive phone while it`s in idle
  • Updated HQ Camera to v1.5 1080P @ 20Mbps (Credits to NoDo-GT & ErosizeD|) for 40Mbps read here
  • Temp disable the "Volume Key Wake up" due compatibility issues
  • WiFi on after wake up issue seems to be fixed at my side, but only on a full wipe installation
  • Unresponsive phone when idle solved by increasing the ScreenOff Mhz by 2steps
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - V2.3
  • Rebased to Android 4.0.3 ICE - HTC Europe 3.32.401.105_R
  • Updated Youtube to v3.55
  • Updated Dropbox to v2.11
  • Updated ES File Explorer to v1.6.13
  • Fixed HTC Browers install failure
  • Added Capy`s APM as optional
  • APM by J4N87 added as default
  • Updated SuperSU to v0.87
  • Updated Bricked kernel to Bricked-3.0-v0.55-b7
  • Added Bricked-3.0-GPU-OC v0.55-b7
  • Bricked CmdLine-Khz script - Change zip name values to set your desired clockspeed & Screen off Mhz before flashing (Props to ShowP)
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v2.2 
  • Added optional callrecording app (Thx for mentioning ShowP)
  • Added optional HTC HQ Camera (1080P@20Mbps) Thx and credits to NoDo-GT
  • 2 kernel options - Stock 1.2Ghz & the latest Bricked kernel (Credits ShowP)
  • Added extra argument into the installer, deletes the tweaks app from the previous version to prevent fc`s when doing a incremental update.
  • Hopefully solved the wifi issue for all users instead of those with a other custom SystemUI.apk then provided (Thx Shnizlon for the help)
  • Adding Orange WiFi calling support (Stolen from LeeDroid, thx)
  • Altered stock system sounds (volume bar, ect) to Sense 4 which has a more friendly sound.
  • Added optional stylish "HTC Sensation" bootanimation (Stolen from Shnizlon`s Sense 4 rom, thx)
  • Updated the Google Play Store to 3.5.15
  • Added fixed stock brower to fix not loading pages from external links on first click (Thx liamstears)
  • Implanted ShowP1984 innovative "cmdline-khz" script (Zip name determents the proc speed) Read more here
  • Fixed a missing argument causing a fail to update the 4EXT Touch Recovery
  • Updated 4EXT Touch Recovery to RC3
  • Updated Bricked Kernel to 3.0-Kernel|3.0.25|v0.55|b6|
To Do:
  • I will try to port the CRT animation and providing it as optional
  • Updating SystemUI for the Tmobile Users
  • More to come (Suggestions are welcome)
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v2.1 
  • Fixed WiFi Automatic Wake Up (Thx to the Virtuous Team - Taken the drivers from there Sense 4 rom)
  • Reverted stock kernel to Bricked v0.5 (for support and info: read here...)
  • Removed SebastianFM kernel selection (Want it? Get it from his thread)
  • Removed Leedroid tweaks (want it? get it from the original thread)
  • Added optional "No Recent Apps" back in the installer
  • Added optional Sense 4 notification sounds
  Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v2.0 
  • Added Muhdi Beats port - Sounds better in my opinion
  • Update SuperSU to v0.83
  • Added 1,6Ghz, 1.7Ghz & 1.8Ghz kernel by SebastianFM
  • Added md4.ko for full cifs support
  • Adreno 2xx GPU Binaries updated for ICE (Read more here)
  • Added stock SystemUI without EQS as default
  • Added EQS with Leedroid tweaks as optional in the installer
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.9
  • Updated base: 3.32.401.105 XE - Thx to EddyOs for the OTA
  • Removed optional Beats from the installer - it`s in the base now
  • Updated the market to 3.4.7 - Google Play StoreMore to come
  • Added SuperSU v0.73 as optional - beware Chainfire build it from scratch so bug expected (more info here)
  • Updated Adobe Flashplayer to v11.1.115.7
  • Updated 4EXT Recovery Updater to v2.2.8
  • Updated 4EXT Touch Recovery to v1.0.0.4 RC1
  • Updated Aroma install binary to v1.63
  • Updated Google Maps to v6.4.0
  • Leedroid Tweaks v4 Lite
  • 5x5 rosie with no text will is still available but not compatible with Leedroid Tweaks (didn`t had time to make it compatible)
 Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.8 
  • Added 5x5 transparent paginated rosie without app button text
  • Optimized the Beats Sound a bit
  • Added Cifs Support
  • Added CifsManager - optional in the installer
  • Added Volume Wakeup mod by Max128

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.7 - Small Update 
  • New base: 3.32.401.5 Final RUU (thx mike for sharing)
  • Fixed false install argument "No Recent apps" mod
  • Added Beats as option in the installer (thx Ommerkissos & Baad)
  • Re-added beats bootscreen as option in the installer
  • Added per request HTC PhoneData Transfer apk as option in the installer
Please report your findings about the beats add on?

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.6 - new 3.32 base
  • New base: RUU 3.32.401.3 OTA Update
  • Had some issues with deodexing the OTA, So used Baadnwz his apk`s (Thx)
  • Added Canadian French support
  • Added Catalan Spanish language
  • Updated Aroma install binary to 1.62 - BUILD 120303-030 - (Credits Amarulz)
  • Stolen Baadnwz his media-profiles.xml for improved jpeg quality on pics (Thx Baad)
  • Extended Quick Settings v1.0 by J4n87
  • Added new 3.0.16 1.5Ghz kernel (by SebastianFM)
  • Added APM by CapyChimp
  • Tromador checked the installer for grammatical errors
  • No Beats audio since this OTA wasn`t meant for the XE
  • Removed 5x5 rosie due it isn`t compatible with 3.32
  • Added Virtuous rom optimization
 Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.5 
  • New RUU 3.30.401.101 XE base (Thx Mike1986 for the RUU)
  • Added Canadian French support (Thx Max128 for pointing and request)
  • Fixed 0 Status error after installation - (Credits Amarulz)
  • Stolen Baadnwz his media-profiles.xml for improved jpeg quality on pics (Thx Baad)
  • Fixed small mms issue for Tmous user - You`ll need to full wipe to take effect
  • Replaced stock beats wallpaper with the Version Vigor wallpaper
  • Fixed no skins and wallpaper after flashing the package
  • Fixed FC when apps are placed into the sdcard (thx baadnewz)
  • Removed virtuous support (will be back but have sort out why it doesn`t work with the new SebastianFM kernels)
  • Extended Quick Settings v1.0 by J4n87 will be stock, Want a other version please visit J4n87 his thread
  • Removed some more bloatware and added these into the installer
  • Fixed some wrong arguments in the install script causing some restore packages and Tmous support to fail on install
  • Added Dice game to the installer
  • Added voicedailer to the installer
  • Added voicesearch to the installer
  • Added Flashplayer incl lib to the installer
  • Added Dropbox to the installer
  • Added Google+ to the installer
  • Added HTC Ereader (My Shelf) incl stock books to the installer
  • New APM by J4n87 as default, APM by Capychimp as option available on install
  • Added 1.5Ghz oc/uv kernel (by SebastianFM) OC compatible till 1.8Ghz
  Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.4
  • Updated 5x5 Rosie - 3.24 base (thx Richmondo)
  • Updated Batt % - Replaced the animated full charge icon, my fault to out in the wrong icon.
  • Removed the 1.5Ghz kernel due some stability reasons (if you want to have download it from SebastianFM`s thread)
  • Updated Stock kernel (Thx Baadnwz and Omerkisoss for there edit)
  • Splashscreen is now optional choice in the interactive installer.
  • Added Extended QuickSettings (Thx J4n87)
  • Modified SystemUI to be available as a version without Recent Apps
  • Aroma Installer by Amarullz
Kernel update involves the following: - Tweaked memory killer from init.pyramid.rc - Changed oom_kill_allocating_task to 0 - Changed panic_on_oom to 0 - Doesn`t cause the kernel to panic on out-of-memory - Changed over-commit_memory to 0
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.3(Final Release)
  • Added APM menu (Thx to CapyChimp for pulling this is off) :: any theme flashed after a fresh install will kill the APM
  • New 1.2Ghz Stock kernel and 1.5Ghz kernel by SebastianFM to fix the LowMemoryManagement (edited by Omerkisoss)
  • Added Virtuous support
  • Auto-install script (thx RMK) - scans your SD for *.apk batch restore (More Info Here)
  • Updated 4EXT Recovery to RC3
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - v1.2b2(Open Beta)
  • Added Full Wipe option (Yes or No)
  • Changed the splash to Blade666x version (Thx Blade)
  • Added latest 4Ext Touch Recovery
  • Update to the latest base 3.25.401.101xe
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.5 - v1.2(Open Beta)
  • Added Interactive user installation
  • Updated hosts
  • Updated Bravia engine
  • Added auto cleaning script - No more manual full wipes (thx Robocik)
  • Added restore packages in the interactive user installation (Your Rom, Your way)
  • Added HTC Stock 1.2Ghz and HTC Stock 1.5Ghz kernels (Thx SebastianFM)
  • Added choice between Stock battery with % or Stock Battery without %
  • Added choice to install Sony Bravia support
  • Added choice to install 5x5 Rosie (thx richmondo)
  • Added choice to install for No Recent Apps in the pulldown bar (thx richmondo)
  • Added custom splashscreen by Deagleone
  • Further addon please check the installer, it`s keep going on, and on and on
  • HTC Sensation 4G (US T-Mobile) support with Wi-Fi Calling
  • Added 4g and 2g icons for T-MO US users (Thx wcoast)
  • Added HTC Beats, has beats over bluetooth (thx mudhi)
  • Updated firmware package which contains the latest Hboot v1.2.7, Radio 11.68 and 4EXT Touch Recovery (Flashing new firmware is needed in order to run Android 4.0.3)
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE - v1.1 (Incremental & Full wipe)
  • Added Virtuous OC daemon. - Just a preparation for custom kernels.
  • Some little UI smootness has been increased due the Virtuous OC
  • Added Secure mms.apk
Sense-o-Maniac - ICE v1.0 (Full Rom)
  • Updated hosts
  • Added latest ES File Explorer
  • Added Sony Bravia Engine
  • Removed most bloatware
  • Added Beats bootscreens

Change Log: 

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE Sense 3.6 v2.6

0.8 uses the touchscreens irq to check for input instead of wakelocks.
This is better because the phone will now sleep until the irq is actually triggered (you touch the screen). 
So if you don`t touch your screen when it is off, you will get the same battery consumption as 0.61.

Sense-o-Maniac - ICE 4.0.3 - Sense 3.6 - V2.5 (Small update)

  • Updated Bricked kernel to v0.7 - Credits Show-p1984
  • Fully working Sweep2Wake - Credits Show-p1984
  • Deleted optional bootsplash img from the installer - May be causing th FC after flashing
  • Disabled the HTC Screenshot feature for Sweep2Wake (Native screenshot is interfering with Sweep2Wake)
  • Better use Power -> Volume down method to take screenshots

So an incremental if your coming from v2.4 should be any problem