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Release Information for HyperSensationICS by kristofpetho
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
1/20/2012 12:16:50 PM
1633 Times
393 Times
Base OS:
AOSP 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Sensation


[ROM][JAN.19]HyperSensationICS-v0.1 |base 4.0.3 - Small, fast (only 92Mb!)

I believe that our Sensation can do a lot more / be a lot faster / and therefore we can be more productive than with the Sense ROMs.
I also like to customize my own apps in a given ROM, so any simple/minimalistic ROM is a plus for me.

I therefore present to all who like this approach my very own HyperSensation ROM release.

HyperSensation is now also on Facebook! HERE

Screenshots (HyperSensation ICS):


- Download links, changelog and addons and extras in post #2
- Extras and other links (ie. kernel, addons, etc) in post#3
- FAQ and themes in post #4

What you get:
- Simple, minimalistic ROM to be a good base for your everyday needs (those who like every app to be in there "out-of-the-box" should steer clear)
- Speed tweaks to make the base to make it even faster and more responsive
- Tweaks to make battery life even better
- Tweaks to included apps (camera, mail, etc) to make the experince even more whole
- 720p video recording used instead of 1080p so that the camera does not FC
- GApps included so you do not have to install afterwards (Maps and Talk removed, but you can install Maps through the Market, and Talk from post #3)
- Custom minimalistic theme - partly from HyperDroid for HD2 and partly my own
- Double the volume steps vs original AOSP base (ie 15 steps for ringer volume vs 7)
- Smooth scrolling in all apps (disabled scrolling cache globally trhoughout the ROM)
- Increased volume in media playback and voicecalls
- Always updated base to keep your flashing appetite full 

All other addons/tweaks are exactly the same in the two branches, its just a matter of personal taste

Battery usage with my ROM:
- Standby: 1% per hour
- Light use (some calls, internet, BT): 2% per hour!

My current setup:
- Google sync enabled, K9 Mail running with push settings
- Auto backlight, 30 second screen timeout
- 2G only + Wifi enabled at home

- thanks to droidyou for the FTP to host my files
- thanks to persiansown for the Sensation CM builds!
- thanks to Pongster for the whole idea of creating a minimalistic yet usable build, I used to run his HyperDroidGBX when I still had my HD2... 
- thanks to nitr8 and insanity ROM (SGS2) for the ideas and a couple of icons/theme images
- thanks to ljankok for the friendship in cooking
- thanks to vladnosferatu for the tweaks
- thanks to crypted for the AGPS patch
- thanks to septix for the excellent banners
- thanks to splder for the volume adjustments and the bootanimation
- thanks to AndroidON for the smooth scrolling fix and the volume steps mod HERE

Thanks to the following for donating:
BorisZX6R, joakim.riiki, mickael.guerin91, mils69, -Punisher- (2x), woundtrauma

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Name:	shot_000005.jpg
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HTC Sensation
ROM: my own HyperSensation ROM-CM7.1
Kernel: faux AOSP 0.2.8 beta

If you enjoy what I am cooking, consider a DONATION to help me keep going 

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ROM Releases

1. When you are finished setting up the device, do a normal reboot and then you will have normal operations!
2. I have deleted a number of apps so that the ROM can be as lean and minimalistic as possible. If you find you need any apps that I have deleted, go to post #3 (Addons and Extras) and you will most likely find the app you need there! 

HyperSensationICS v0.1 beta changelog, released 2012.01.19.


- based on Virtuous Quattro v2 (thanks to the Virtuous team!!!)
- Nova Launcher b12 included
- DSP Manager (might be buggy, but works for me!)
- CM9 Music app (beta testing phase)
- K9 Mail included
- HyperSensation theme (white instead of blue) partly implemented (framework-res.apk and SystemUI.apk)
- Cleaned unneeded apps/libs, etc (only 92Mb!!!)
- Camera tweaked for nearly 0% compression
- GPS tweak for faster lock
- Hosts file updated for ad-free experience
- init.d tweaked for better performance
- framework.jar tweaked for smooth scrolling

Download HERE

Patch 1: HERE
- Addresses volume bugs when listening to music