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Release Information for Virtuous Sensation XE by m-deejay
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Release Summary:
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Last Updated:
12/6/2011 4:01:49 PM
2855 Times
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Base OS:
Other Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Sensation



[ROM][12/5/11] Virtuous Sensation v2.2.1 :: Enhanced/Optimized Stock ROM (1.73.401.2)


Virtuous Sensation is a custom ROM for the HTC Pyramid series of phones (Sensation, Sensation XE, etc.). The goal is to provide a simple, Sense-based, mostly-stock ROM based on the official Sensation Sense ROM with essential bug fixes and only subtle enhancements.


  • Based off the official Sensation ROM (WWE 1.73.401.2), deodexed and zipaligned.
  • Pre-rooted with the latest version of Superuser and modified ramdisk to allow adb remount, mock locations, etc.
  • Enhanced reboot options built-in, allowing for booting into recovery, bootloader, hot boot, etc.
  • Bricked kernel with overclocking daemon (no need for SetCPU/Tuner). Screen Off: 192000 / 1188000 (conservative). Screen On: 192000 / 1512000 (ondemand).
  • IO optimizations including the use of ext4 with writeback journaling for all mounts and larger read-ahead buffer for improved sdcard performance.
  • Updated versions of all Market-available apps.
  • All Market-installable apps installed in /data/app. These apps are automatically installed for you both on initial install and after a factory reset/wipe. There are custom scripts to use Android`s package manager (pm) to manage these apps, which ensures they are installed properly.
  • Bloatware, defined as anything you could easily choose to download from the Market yourself, has been removed.
  • Advanced quick settings, allowing for the configuration of options listed in this tab.
  • Overscroll glow effect, tastefully done using white, to match any theme or background.
  • The popular CRT off animation. We have intentionally omitted CRT on, as Sense 3.x provides impressive power on animations itself.
  • Customized camera application with bitrate selection and support for using mp4 containers.
  • Several custom themes, including Slate3D (CypiS), AmazingSense (CypiS), Revolution (he_stheone64) and Honey3D (he_stheone64).
  • Automated battery calibration. Just plug your phone in after a wipe and charge it to full (preferably overnight), then let our script do the rest.
  • Over the air updates via ROM Manager.

Credits and Acknowledgements

  • Virtuous Team - This is all a collaborative effort, everyone on the team plays a key role in producing our ROMs, kernels and apps.
  • show-p1984 - Bricked Kernel.
  • Football - Countless original RUUs.
  • mike1986 - Latest Sense 3.5 Test RUU and dual core fix for Virtuous OC.
  • he_stheone64 - Additional themes: Revolution and Honey3D.

Official Support Disclaimer

Users of this ROM are welcome and encouraged to assist one another in this thread. However, support from the development team will not be offered here. For that, please visit our official forums.


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v.2.2.1 XE (12/5/2011):
- Provided only as a patch from 2.2.0. If upgrading, flash anytime.
  For new installs, simply flash the full ROM and patch before booting.
- Fixed default screen on frequency to be 1536000.
- Removed Low Storage Wizard and remaining apps associated with HTC locations.
- Modified first time Setup Wizard to eliminate account info/wifi setup.
- Updated Superuser app and binary to the latest versions.
- Updated Titanium Backup to the latest version.

v.2.2.0 XE (12/2/2011):
- Switched to Bricked kernel (Thanks: show-p1984).
- Updated performance scripts to utilize ZRAM (compressed memory).
- Enable ext4 writeback journaling on every boot.
- Decompressed the entire ROM to reduce memory usage and improve load times.
- Removed essentially all traces of CarrierIQ.
- Updated Market applications to their latest versions.
- Virtuous OC daemon is back with proper dual core support.
- Default clock speeds are now 1.5Ghz screen on, 1.2Ghz screen off.
- Eliminated ~40MB of bloat from /system/app.

v.2.1.0 XE:
- New base 1.73.401.2 - New kernel UNITY V13 - Improved Wi-Fi calling support v.2.0.1 XE: - Kernel UNITY V11 - Added contact-fix script - Fixed small mms for TMOUS (need full wipe) - Added additional languages - 192MHz min scaling freq. v.2.0.0 XE: - New base 1.72.401.1 (nothing from older RUUs, all files in rom from 1.72 only) - New kernel UNITY V10 - Advanced QuickSettings - Advanced power menu - Camera with bitrate select + mp4 - CRT off - Overscroll glow - New bootanimation - Real Dual-core - 1512MHz default (like Sensation XE :) ) - Added Slate3D & AmazingSense Themes by CypiS - Added Revolution & Honey3D Themes by he_stheone64 - All apps updated - 2WCR ofcourse - etc v.1.1.3 OTA: - Back to stock HTC kernel - UNITY V8 kernel optional v.1.1.2 OTA: - New kernel UNITY V7 - Added camera with panorama & bitrate select - Fixed USB Tether v.1.1.1 OTA: - Fixed Advanced power menu - Fixed screenshot function - Fixed CRT settings v.1.1.0: - Newest base 1.45.401.2 (Android 2.3.4) - Newest kernel UNITY V6 --- patched to --- JHash3 --- Back to NOOP I/O Scheduler --- alot config cleanups --- new ACPU table --- OC Max 1890MHz --- 2WCR patch (Beta) (use CallRecorder app) - Brand new boot/down animations - Virtuous Settings (Beta. not like in CM) - Updated Superuser to 3.0 beta3

- Stock kernel included
- Optional OC kernel UNITY V5
- Fixed "Black screen after call"
- Fixed make screenshots (Power + Menu)
- Decompressed all apk`s for save CPU
- Fixed Wi-Fi indicator issue
- Fixed camera flash
- New downanimation (Thanks to Behold_this)
- Newest kernel UNITY V3 (NOUV OC up to 1836MHz (Default wake: 384-1350 sleep: 192-540))
--- JHash 3
--- Config cleanups
--- Voltages & freqs tweaks (Max 1.325V for 1836MHz)
- Other minor tweaks