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Release Information for i00 ROM 5.3 - TRUE SENSE 3.0 by i00
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Release Summary:
Release website:
4/22/2011 12:34:32 PM
Last Updated:
5/17/2011 8:15:13 AM
1379 Times
1235 Times
Base OS:
Other Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Desire HD


Untitled document

So what does this all mean?

System partition - this means that i00 ROM does not install any ROM component on your data partition; this has two advantages: it saves precious space on your data partition - so you can maximize the amount of apps you can have installed, and it allows you to factory reset the phone without having to re-install the ROM!

stevejau - $50
liljom - $10
zjxpot - $5


Total $125

If you want your name here put your xda username... or an alias in the PayPal description (or PM me with the transaction ID if you forgot ) and let me know if you want the amount you donated listed next to your name

Donate here!
(And yes even a few dollars help!)

Screen Shots

The following screen shots are *NOT CLEAN*, this means that they have been taken from my device with custom applications installed and are not necessarily how the ROM appears after a fresh flash.

5.3 +

5.0 - 5.2.1 / or 5.3 + With the "Lock screen Remove Time + Temp" MOD applied:

5.3 + With the " Lock screen Operator +Date + Min Max Temp" MOD applied:

5.0 +

For more screen shots click here


To the RC Team who resized the widgets for sense 3.0,
Ilias, for his research and knowledge,
... and of course HTC

Have been running my ROM for a while and have not had any major issues with it yet...
basically (as with my shift rom) i00 ROMs are designed to be as near stock as possible but build on existing features without cluttering the ROM with other apps and other unnecessary junk - my policy is "if the user wants an app they will download it"

Battery life seems to be good - easily get 24 hours out of my phone now with moderate use!

This ROM is NOT overclocked... but can be in 5.1+

Feedback is much appreciated (as always) ... and let me know if you find any bugs (that are not listed in the post below)

Also if you like/use this ROM please consider donating a beer, rating or saying thanks (or all 3 )

If I have missed a credit let me know.


Here are some benchmark results:

Green = better than previous ROM base
Red = worse than previous ROM base

ROM 5.1+ - Base 0.81.651.0 Kingdom - m-deejay`s kernel
An3DBenchXL: 25615
AnTutu Benchmark: 1983
GPU Bench: 37827 / 35613
Quadrant Standard: 1852

ROM 4.5-4.6.1 - Base 2.36.405.8 Saga:
An3DBench: 6169
An3DBenchXL: 25445
AnTutu Benchmark: 1912
GPU Bench: 35789 / 33758
Quadrant Standard: 1601

For older benchmarks click here

Note:some tests are capped at 60fps as this is the refresh rate of the DHD -
Hence why I did not bother with NeoCore etc as it always hits the cap!

All tests are done in sets of 3, with the best result recorded

Change Log

5.3 (18/05/2011) Lock screen info:

  • Weather / Time added to lock screen - If you want the min/max temps + the date + the operator or NO Time/Temp check under MODs
  • Updated to v17 of m-deejay`s kernel
  • Maps updated to 5.4 Global Navigation (from stian230)
  • Flash player updated to
  • Adobe reader updated to 10.0.1
  • Facebook updated to 1.5.2
  • ROM Free space for modding: 32MB

5.2.1 (17/05/2011) Phone fix:

  • Removed sound fix for Inspire 4G and Telus as was causing bad call quality
  • ROM Free space for modding: 41MB

5.2 (16/05/2011) MODs ... again:

  • Optimized ROM A LOT for speed and more free space (0 MB free before now 36 MB free!)
  • MODs are compatible with i00 ROM once again due to the extra free space
  • Sound fix for Inspire 4G and Telus (from baadnewz) (requested by LINKSLOVESANDROID)
  • Change auto brightness policy so brighter out-doors (requested by mgeo81)
  • Friend stream widget fixed (from Krzysiec)
  • ROM Free space for modding: 36MB

5.1 (14/05/2011) SU Fixed!:

  • Fixed super user issue
  • Upgraded to m-deejay`s kernel (requested by eliashadow)
  • Fixed dialer issue where it makes the number xxxx-xxxx
  • Browser can now have up to 99 tabs open at a time (new users only... or Factory reset... sorry guys)
  • Browser gif animation is enabled by default
  • Changed default weather temp scale to C

5.0 (13/05/2011) FULL SENSE 3.0:

There are several issues with this ROM that you may want consider before upgrading ... hopefully these will be fixed in future releases... I will summarize the most important ones here... for other issues check the issues post below

Having a sim pin also causes the phone to reboot loop Remove your sim pin (if you have one) prior to installing this update
  • Factory reset is required... I plan to make this not necessary in 5.1 (so that you can upgrade from 4.9 to 5.1)
  • SuperUser does not work (working on this)
  • Some widgets do not work
  • Mic does not work on non-htc applications
  • Rosie no longer rotates
  • Update ROM Base from 2.36.405.8 Saga to 0.81.651.0 Kingdom
  • Trace Keyboard (requested by duk3r)
  • Added scene "i00 Scene" (selected by default for new installs) (for the stock one select HTC from the scene selection)
  • Smoothness fix by gtg465x

4.6.1 (5/5/2011) A few small things:

  • New version of Talk (requested by duk3r)
  • Quick setting icons have been fixed for Vibrate and Silent
  • More quick settings added
  • Added Plurk back in

For older changes click here


Of course make sure you have rooted and installed clockwork and then apply the update through that.

The procedure for flashing should be:

  • Backup existing ROM through Clockwork in case something goes terribly wrong!(or other backup tool)
  • Wipe Data/Factory reset (not always required but HIGHLY recommended) if flashing from another ROM (not i00 ROM) - if there are steps required for an update (from one version of i00 ROM to another) I will post the details in the Version Info
  • Flash new ROM through Clockwork

Also i am NOT responsible if your cat dies, your girlfriend falls pregnant, your house gets bombed or if you brick your phone!




Download At:

5.3: http://i00productions.org/downloader...4657464F544651 - Downloads - 322e777e37f5a19036c9dba2552d500d

Please remember to say thanks, rate or donate (or all 3 )

Old Versions:
5.2.1: http://i00productions.org/downloader...325646394B4535 - Downloads - 2dd6b6452c15d07e46138c52430d9f89
5.2: http://i00productions.org/downloader...38574152413842 - Downloads - c86c94ffd392e8aeb41730fb77c2fcf1
5.1: http://i00productions.org/downloader...352E312E7A6970 - Downloads - 8ea0c7876efa5fec3493aa1f16127148
5.0: http://i00productions.org/downloader...352E302E7A6970 - Downloads - a3504744fa95218f79e41903421d48f1
4.6.1: http://i00productions.org/downloader...362E312E7A6970 - Downloads - 95b0358eed08ed7f303a2c15fa152cbb

For older downloads click here


Mods - for people who don`t want their ROM "stock like"


Post your mods / links to mods that you want me to add, and I will put them in this section:
I have not checked these Mods (unless stated otherwise) so let me know if they don`t work with my ROM and I will remove them
Also some mods may modify some other settings (by replacing files) in my ROM and can also potentially break some releases... so BACKUP first

Please remember to say thanks if you find these useful:
...if its an i00 Package say thanks here!
...if it is another package ... click on the link to goto the post and say thanks there!

i00 Packages (TESTED):
Lock screen Add Operator + Date + Min Max Temp - Downloads (5.3 +)
i00 Desire HD Lock screen Remove Time + Temp - Downloads (5.3 +)
Extra (Sense 3.0) wallpapers (All versions)
No Rotate Sense (4.1 - 4.6.1)
Maps - Global Navigation (All versions)
Video Talk (- 4.6)
Old Lock Screen (4.3 +)
No Startup Sound (All versions)

Other Packages
Sense 2.1 SMS App - seo (4.5 +)
Sound fix for Inspire 4G and Telus users - LINKSLOVESANDROID (5.0 - 5.1 , 5.2.1 + )
Arabic support - Abdullahsr
Friend Stream Fix - LINKSLOVESANDROID (5.0 - 5.1)
Circle Battery Mod and glow effect - eliashadow (5.2 +)
Battery Mod with % and glow effect - eliashadow (5.2 +)
Battery Mod with % and glow effect - eliashadow (4.1 - 4.4)
Elegant circle battery - liljom (4.1 - 4.4)


Common Questions

OK thought I`d put together a list of common questions that people have with this ROM to stop me answering the same questions again and again.

Q: What else is included in the ROM
A: Besides the Base apps from HTC and Google ... not alot - Superuser (for other changes see the change log above)

Q: I flashed and now my system apps keep force closing
A: Did you wipe data/factory reset?



  • When you click on auto-rotation in the quick settings the text "%1$s, %2$s" appears in 5.0+
  • MMS doesn`t work in 5.0+
  • Could not get HTC`s Search Anywhere working in this ROM - had to revert to the stock Android one - tried importing ones from previous official ROMs with no success
  • Having a sim pin causes the phone to reboot loop
  • Some widgets do not work in 5.0+
  • Mic does not work on non-htc applications in 5.0+
  • In view under people the checkboxes are not displaying correctly in 5.0+
  • Cannot edit lists of timezones etc in clock app in 5.0+
  • SMS unread counter is squashed near compose button
Found another bug? - let me know (post it here!)

Fixed Issues
  • 5.3 - Date + time + weather + operator don`t appear on lock screen in 5.0+
  • 5.1 - SuperUser does not work in 5.0+
  • 5.0 (no longer applicable since Rosie no longer supports landscape) - Calculator widget does not fit in landscape
  • 5.0 - When selecting a notification sound in 3rd party apps the top two items read "Default ringtome (%1$s)" and "Ringtones" instead of "Default" and "Silent"
  • 4.7 - Quick setting icons are not correct for Vibrate and Silent
  • 4.6 - Weather is a little unstable if upgrading ROMs to 4.5... seems fine if factory resetting though
  • 4.5 - Sometimes the voice search does not work correctly and does not register that you have said anything
  • 4.2 - Websites tend to detect the device as the HTC Saga
  • 4.1 - Camera has a button it that is used to switch to the front camera and has a mirror application - clicking the front camera button closes the camera app, and mirror is just a black screen - will try reverting this to a Desire HD camera APK at some stage

Next Version

...So far...
Only just released the last version ... be patient...


  • mms fix
  • Add date / time to lock screen
  • Fix widgets that don`t work
  • Connected media sized correctly

...On the back burner...
  • Make ROM upgradeable from versions before 5.0 to new version without factory reset

Untitled document

5.3 (18/05/2011) Lock screen info:

  • Weather / Time added to lock screen - If you want the min/max temps + the date + the operator or NO Time/Temp check under MODs
  • Updated to v17 of m-deejay`s kernel
  • Maps updated to 5.4 Global Navigation (from stian230)
  • Flash player updated to
  • Adobe reader updated to 10.0.1
  • Facebook updated to 1.5.2
  • ROM Free space for modding: 32MB