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Release Information for Froyo for Trout by RichieDaze
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
3/11/2011 2:52:08 PM
4349 Times
9023 Times
Base OS:
AOSP 2.2 (Froyo)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1



Untitled document

Froyo 2.2.1 update for T-Mobile G1
You`d think it was made for your Dream



MT3G OTA Base rom:
This is a standard froyo rom that was customize to work with the MT3G from Google/HTC/T-Mobile, thanks to them for their rom. The original MT3G and the G1 have the same basic hardware/software (besides keyboard and ram space). Shortly after the release of this rom, there was a update patch (which I merged with this rom) before creating Froyo for Trout!.

Froyo for Trout rom: (Trout is the hardware name for the G1)
This rom uses the above rom but has all the sapphire related software removed and replaced it with the dream (trout) software. It is fully De-Odexed for modifications and themes.With essential modifications to have a standard root enabled rom. Everything is fully working...

I believe that there should be a specific rom for a specific smart phone. This is why I did not make this compatible with the MT3G (sapphire). The original base rom worked better then expected with the Trout modifications. I also believe that not everyone wants the same modifications from their phone as others do. 
We as a community should set standards when it comes to our most prized possessions.

Let me know what you think is standard for every one!

This rom has been modified ONLY for the G1/Dream (32b)

What`s included: Check the change log on second post!

FroyoforTrout-v1.8-Broken for most!
Newest version 1.8.2

Install Instruction:
-If coming from another rom please wipe or SuperWipe your device before the attempt to flash this rom
-This rom does not have any software mandatory request (radio,spl,etc). Uses older radio and spl combo
-If you have the newer radio and spl combo, please flash the kernel after flashing this rom!
Use this kernel from this post or use a 2708 kernel from this site.

-Flash this rom in recovery mode the standard way.

Having problems flashing this rom? Try this:

Originally Posted by danielbb  View Post

For those having problems i finally got mine to work by doing this. Mine is a UK phone i assume. (mobo unknown) It may or may not work for you, but i posted my solution just incase.

I Rooted the tradional way with the guide below BUT with the recovery.img in the second link. Forget the spl bit in that guide, thats latter.

Recovery.img : http://theunlockr.com/down/htc-g1/lo...y/recovery.img


.................................................. .......................

Next skip to the following guide, in order!


My G1 refused to upgrade to the latest radio as instructed, instead i had to do it in steps, otherwise i got `verification failed` Here is the place i got the radios from. 


I upgraded in order, then followed the rest of the guide above, installing the generic rom as it tells you too.

Then finally at the bottom of the guide it tells you how to install any other rom, thats how i installed this froyo image.

No idea why it wouldnt work any other way, i must have spent 10hours messing about, i keep getting stuck on the G1 screen or verification errors, with this and most other roms. My old G1 didnt need all this pissing about, i have no clue whats going on.

Thank you all, and thank you for this rom.

BlueDark by LostEden

True Blue by shadowch31

ready (mdpi 2.1+ themes only)
 by Stericson


Firerat`s Method: (Thanks to Firerat)
(You MUST manually install this yourself!)
Using " fr-a2sd_1-36b.sh " method (Please read first!) Thanks to (Firerat)
-Download from the (Please read first) link or from my mirror link.
-in terminal or adb terminal and type:

sh  /sdcard/location/fr-a2sd_1-36b.sh.txt

(my mirror link doesn`t have .txt at the end)

sh  /sdcard/location/fr-a2sd_1-36b.sh.

NOTE:location is the folder the script is in. Maybe /sdcard or /sdcard/downloads.

Apps2sd alternate Method:
Thanks to shadowch31 and ezterry

Originally Posted by shadowch31  View Post

All credit and thanks go to EZTerry for this as it`s his original work and can be found Here. All I have done is fiddled about with it to make it work on this rom.

That being said I have been working on an update to get cc working and also FroyoParts.apk to activate/deactivate apps2ext, dex2sd, CC control, 3d toggle and home in memory 

Just used it from clean install and everything seems to be working correctly so enjoy the new addon and FroyoParts.apk 


Add ons:

Originally Posted by shadowch31  View Post

A few flashable updates for you all...

New Black Market!
This was found and posted in themes by TribalArtGod HERE, I just made it flashable from recovery.

Updated Open GL ES from version 1.0 to 1.1 including updated build.prop!
Flashable from recovery.

Update mms.apk - contacts.apk - contactsprovider.apk - phone.apk & music.apk to the latest customised versions for additional functionality (ripped from CM Nightly 307)!
Flashable in recovery.

Update - As above but WITHOUT music.apk as requested!

And the all of the above All In One Update (Yes I have been bored)!
Flashable in recovery.

-Multilanguage Update Package courtesy of (LordSeth)

Untitled document

Froyo for Trout Change log

1.8.2 Change log

-No new changes

-removed GoogleVoice from /data/app

-added permissions for zip, syst_toggle and jit_toggle.

-disabled jit for now still testing
-added syst_toggle to /system/xbin (system partition mount r/w r/o toggle)
-fixed wifi


1.8 Change log

-edited init.rc file to add: setprop net.tcp.buffersize.hsdpa (deleted some logcat not set error)

-added the newest standard roms apk`s from market to /data/app (new market included)
-added GoogleVoice from market to /data/app
-added newest Speedsoftware Explorer file manager from the market to /data/app
-added newest EStrong`s File Explorer from the market to /data/app

-No new changes

-enabled jit 
-added CM6 apns-conf.xml
-added zip to /system/xbin
-added GenieWidget.apk to /system/app (as requested)
-edited Launcher2.apk to rotate screen with user settings (as requested)
-renamed GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk to QuickSearchBox.apk (To match AOSP)
-renamed EmailGoogle.apk to Email.apk (To match AOSP)
-renamed DeskClockGoogle.apk to DeskClock.apk (To match AOSP)