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Release Information for HTCClay SuperFast v1.3.3 by htcclay
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Release Summary:
Release website:
Last Updated:
4/28/2010 5:14:10 PM
2413 Times
11637 Times
Base OS:
ADP 1.6 (Donut)
Supported Devices:
- HTC Dream (32a): RogersDream, Vodafone Dream
- HTC Dream (32b): T-Mobile G1 / HTC ADP1



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SuperFast by htcclay
SuperFast v1.3.3 [4/28/2010]
Fixed CC.
Added anderwebs latest launcher and settings..
new boot...
I themed a lot of new stuff....
really fast...
New rotate widget.
Much more...
SuperFast v1.3.2
I know you`re asking..."When did he release 1.3.1?" I didn`t...I went to .2 for the testers.
-Added @synaptic_d`s "Custom" custom_init which enables swap if swap partition is found on SD! THIS IS REALLY, REALLY AWESOME.
-Added "MyTouch Music" from the New MyTouch Slide!
I changed a lot of things...and this is really, really fast.
Updated all kinds of stuff.

If you want to change launcher settings go into "ADW Settings" from "Menu" on launcher.
Please give Gmail some time to sync after signing in...
SuperFast v1.3

1.3 Has everything from v1.2 plus…

A major cleanup.

-Updated Eliot Stocker’s Music.apk with a huge list of widget options with artwork!
-Updated AnderWeb’s AlmostNexus launcher with “drag and hold on recycle bin to delete application.”
-Added Spareparts back
-New boot screen
-Added a lot more, but as usual I would rather you flash it and find all the new changes yourself. =)
-Should be able now to flash from a clean wipe.

Thanks to everyone who allowed me to use some of their work…You rock, you know who you are!

Link: http://www.androidspin.com/downloads...Fastv1.3RH.zip

SuperFast v1.2

-Added "Just-in-time compilation" and it`s super smooth with no issues! Info here:http://bit.ly/4qMYuJ
-Added New Music.apk thanks to Eliot Stocker and his amazing work!
-Added Reboot Widget
-Added Screen Shot apk
-Added a custom Launcher.apk thanks to AnderWeb (Great Work!) with semi-transparent dots and themed to my liking.
-Reverted Settings and removed SpareParts. You can add from Market.
-Some Tweaks here and there
-Fixed SetupWizard FC issue for real this time...I hope...for the fresh wipers.
-Honestly I added a lot more but I`m getting tired of typing this.
This is an average of what I`m getting with this update here:http://twitpic.com/1amzr0
Link: http://bit.ly/cZp980

Not sure about flashing without wiping...getting mixed reports. Try it...if you have issues. Wipe!

SuperFast v1.0

SuperFast is a really lite version of FastTest.
-Added new boot animation w/backwards boot.
-Added integrated spareparts from SD beta. (No more separate app.)
-Added a few visual tweeks.
-Removed SpareParts.apk
-Removed PhotoSlide.apk
-Removed MusicCube.apk
-Removed GenieWidget.apk
-Removed Email & Mail.apk
Shouldn`t have any issues now with a fresh wipe.
Link: http://bit.ly/dvUTt5

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