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Community Release Information for Batista70

By: raffaele88
Release Homepage
[ Release notes / Info ]
Released: 8/22/2011
Views: 2229
Supported Devices: - Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
Downloaded 531 Times
Downloads: DOWNLOAD 3.7.2 NO WIPE:


Guide for Batista70 3.5

1) Copy the ZIP file (not unzip) Batista70 ROM memory of the phone sdcard
2) Unplug the USB memory and restart the phone in recovery mode 
3) Now select the "Install zip from sdcard" and then the "choose zip from sdcard" and select the Roma Batista70
4) After the installation select the "reboot system now"

19-08-2011 KH3 Batista70 3.7
-Based on the latest official firmware 2.3.4 WIPE
- Added Jeffrey-SpeedFrey_Kernel 2.2.0: (not support bootaniation,if you want install another kernel 
•Undervolted (ARM, INTERNAL AND GPU) => Stable. Tested with some roms. Phone never hot.
•Workaround version available (less undervolted)
•Stock voltage version available
•CIFS support (cifs.ko and slow-work.ko automatically integrated in "/lib/modules")
•BLN support 
•Vitalij`s touchscreen fix
•Disable some debugging options / look changelog (better battery life, better ram usage and smoothness)
•Added interactive governor
•Initd.d support
•I/O scheduler tweaks
•Low ram usage
•Some tweaks
•Optimized for battery life
-support working wpa-supplicant ad-hoc
-Added Overglow
-Multi CSC added
-Wifi color signal white 
-Black and Blue Theme
-Browser NO Lag
-Added new font
-Added the Mod-Battery with incremental rate of 1%
-Added the effect off-Old TV!
-Delete the sound notifications full charge and minimum charge battery
-GPS Quick-Fix
-All Framework DEODEXED zipaligned and optimized PNG and has been compressed to save space
-Submitted Gtalk with Video
-Modified the app Mms.apk:
• Added The blue theme Trasparent 
• Added New emoticons
-Added the Mod rom to improve the bitrate audio / video
-Romoved the Wifi-sharing
- Added VOIP for Wifi
- Added multilingual T9 Dictionaries
- New Camera Hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / -, Mantero focuses drop down takes the picture)
• support 1080p/30fps 
• Better sound 64kbps/16khz -192kbps/44.1Khz meet the standard and mp4 instead of 3gp 
• Ability to take pictures with a short touch on the volume buttons. 
• Ability to zoom (pinch zoom) video mode by holding down the volume and sliding fingers.
-New loockscreen functions (thanks to _JKay_) 
• Slide left to launch Camera application 
• Slide up to launch stock Music application 
• Slide down to launch FM Radio application stock 
• Slide to Unlock right 
-New Fully customizable menu extended power (thanks to _JKay_)! 
• Transparency in contacts and text messages 
• New transparent DialPad 
• New Browser with deodex UserAgent 
-Transition animations
-Updated hosts to eliminate advertising and web apps 
-New phone.apk CallRec integrated (Auto Rotation + No Increasing Tone + enlarged IMG contacts)Translate
-Transparency in contacts and text messages 
-New Battery
-New transparent DialPad (thanks Criskelo)
-New Dialer
-More Wallpapers SnakeS in SDCard
-New Ringtones(FFVICTORY-fringe intro-melody-new born-Sorcerer-V for vendetta-vanh)
-New Popup
-NewAllarm (orch)
-New Notification(confirm-long-shotr-silent-speed.bubbles)
-New UI
-OLD Market
-Added ability to change the Boot Logo with Gscript
-Added Gscrip app
-App YouTube with download option (the discharge remains. "Mp4" on Download, you should rename to view the video) 
-Video and Audio Gtalk Front Camera 2.3.4
-Added Widget Wather Trasparent
-Added Trasparent Folder
-Adding Torch
-Adding Titanium Backup
-EmailWidget trasparent
-Added CWM app
-Removed some apk samsung
-App removed flashable with this ZIP

To install the bootlogo, first of all flasha the zip in the folder Gscrip "Rimuovilogo" by now you have an error at first boot (normal) but will go ahead anyway, then open Gscript and installed the script "New Logo", reboot and you will have bootlogo again ....
P.s. only works if you do not have the yellow triangle on boot, so if you use it a dongle

Thanks Video ROM 3.2 By Gorran And right Video 3.7.1

MORE Video thanks to pjdannie VIDEO REVIEW 3.2 

+++Official Topic+++



Please pressing thank button - Thanks 

Jkay Lockscreen with new animation and new color hour (thanks Criskelo) Preview
Update 3.3 White ----Preview
Update 3.3 Black ---- Preview
Update 3.3 white with Stock animation
Update 3.3 black with Stock animation

Dialer style 3.1 Black White for KG6Download --- Preview
Pack Theme + Tweaks + Changes only KG3Download --- Changelog
Status Bar Extended only KG3Download --- Preview
Ubuntu Fonts flashable to recovery (more big) Download --- Preview
Dialer style 3.1 Black White for KG3 Download
Bootanimation Batista70 Download --- Preview

Changelog 3.7.2
Recompiled and optimized framework
Fixed the delay of the home button
Fixed the color from green to blue when you press a contact in address book
Updated email praviacy
Sms taken in the registries
Added ninphetamine 2.1.1 kernel as default
Added new market 3.1.3
Adding Keyboard gingerbread
Added blue icons (wifi signal) when accessing the Contact google
Apk changed Gtalk (hoping to have the icons and colored gray)
Added some default background wallpaper in the gallery
Added bluetooth file transfer for those who have problems with bluetooth
Added my backup
Added EDT tweaks
Added HTC lockscreen

Changelog 3.7.1
No wipe (but I would recommend doing the wipe as ITV CSC installs by default, is now KOR)
Adding Email Thus mod ur email.apk can bypass the security requirement for Exchange Server
Gmail updated to the latest version
Maps updated
Added Samsung-WatherClock
Adding Swype multilenguages
Added the DATA button in the dropdown menu transparency
Added new market
Youtube app updated
Batista70Phone app updated
Ram tweaks added by Juwe11
Framework compressed and fix off-Old TV (now is not pixel)
Added Scroll over Blue
Fix Gtalk

Changelog 3.6
No wipe (but I recommend to make the wipe before installing)
New Script for backup batterystats.bin (for wipe)
New bootlogo  (The custom bootlogo ONLY works when the yellow triangle is NOT shown, in situations where the phone shows the yellow triangle screen, it will override the custom bootlogo){The original will be restored when you flash a new stock ROM via Odin}
New Hellcat`s Root Kernel - v1.22 CIFS and CWM link thread 
BLN work
New app_process and system_server from 2.3.5
Restore bootanimantio 3.4
New theme Phone.apk
Add MIUImisicPlayer
Mms.apk mod
* no auto converting messages to MMS after 4 SMS.
* possible to add to the message 200 contacts instead of 20 contacts.
* display sent time instead of the received time
Script fix speed SD-Card
NEW SWYPE 3.5 with MULTI LANGUAGE CREDIT BADMANIA98, languages supported is Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, EnglishUK, EnglishUS, Estonian, Finnish, French, FrenchCH, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, PortuguesePT, Romanian, Russian, SerbianLA, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian (THANK BADMANIA98)
When you install new ROM comes up it will (esp. at the first time) stay in the bootanimation for quite some time -. this is normal and to be expected!
The phone will eventually reboot again (2 times also normal!) 
Now you have new logo and your ROM work fine

Chanhelog 3.5 Returns
No Wipe
Add service.odex for BLN stock sms ( CF-ROOT not support BLN)
New Wallpaper
New bootanimation
Add app to convert all apk to ODEX Thans PAUL Modaco
Insert in SDCARD Ninphetamine kernel if you want flash with CWM app 
Add widger picker

Chanhelog 3.5
No Wipe
CF-ROOT by Chainfire
Gtalk Video
Fix icon red on phone
Fix kies
Add Program monitor
Add TouchWiz 4.5 costumize
New Youtube app Thanks Criskelo
For text messages are not displayed in the call log

Changelog 3.4

New kernel Angelom 15:
•Based on the latest sources for Samsung + fix reboot
•enabled ThumbEE
•Enabled by default BFQ V2 I / O scheduler (possible noop, deadline, CFQ, BFQ)
• Ability to overclock and undervolt with SetCPU (up to 1600MHz)
• Plate Voltage adjustable via SetCPU (up to 1.5 volts)
• BLN enabled (activated by the application BLN Control)
• Posted CIFS module
• SLQB Allocator patch
• Posted module tun.ko
• Added initramfs XXKG6
• Posted Speed ​​Tweak v3 jhash
•Submissions Memory and Battery Tweak
•Battery Fix
• All Changelog Thunderbolt 14 
Added Lockscreen Jkay (3)
New status bar trasparent backgroung
Added Status bar extended
New app torch "zeuBug"
New lockscreen (Micheal Jackson)
Added CWM app

Changelog 3.3

Added NEW transitions in Framework
-New loockscreen functions (thanks to _JKay_)
# Slide left to launch Camera application
# Slide up to launch stock Music application
# Slide down to launch stock FM Radio application
# Slide right to Unlock
Added Exthend menu (thanks _jkay_)
New popup

Changelog 3.1

New Kernel Thunderbolt
Added NEW transitions in Framework
Fix Bug lockscreen music
-New loockscreen functions (thanks to _JKay_)
# Slide left to launch Camera application
# Slide up to launch stock Music application
# Slide down to launch stock FM Radio application
# Slide right to Unlock
Added Exthend menu (thanks _jkay_)
New popup
New StatusBar (nore Beautifull)
Added Google serch trasparent
Widget wather trasparent
New Wallparer in SDCard

Changelog v2.2
-No Wipe
-Browser Odex No Lag with acceleration (thanks LeoMar75 for Idea)
-Framework odexed
-Framework fixed music lockscreen
-Samsung App work now (if No work install this FIX alfer flash ROM)
-E-mail work
-New Angelom Kernel 6.0 (XXKG1 CWM with undervolt for power saving, Multi-touch sensibility fix + cifs Module and Scheduler Deadline.
-New Wallpaper
-Added extended power menu (Thanks _Jkay_)
-No Overscroll  Sorry

Changelog v2.1

-Rewritten the Script FULL No Wipe in the Meta-Inf
-Added more Scripts for clean ROM
-New color dialer (white)
-Added patch file host (thanks Vincenzo91)
-Applied TouchScreen Fix
-Phone.apk with no-increasing ringtone
-Added Overscroll glow White
-WiFi scan interval to save battery
-New Market
-Framework re-colpiled and optimize
-Blue Line Added (instead of the green)
-Widget Email trasparent
-Widget Google trasparent
-New Wallpaper
-Added Fix Browser
-New Kernel for battery save "Backslash" CF-ROOT
-Removed BootSound

Arabic patch By WAMAN : Download
Restore Kies apk : Download
New Market Download
India CSC (INU) for all friends Indian  (CAUTION this zip is full WIPE) : Download
Restore APP Samsung XXKH3 Download
Restore APP Samsung XXKG6 Download
Restore APP Samsung XXKG3 Download
Restore APP Samsung XXKG2 Download
Modem KG1 Flashable on Recovey Download
Stock Phone and ContactDownload
HTC Keyboard (not installable to recovery)Download


Calibrate Battery fix drain
-Charge the phone fully charged (100%)
-Download this application from the Android Market: Battery Calibration
Make-download the phone will never connect to PC USB charging otherwise ..
-Do a full charge without interruptions.
-After a few-cycle charge / discharge the battery should be recalibrated



© Copyright 2011, CommunityRelease

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