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Android ROM Build Release Notes for KB7SQI`s Rogers Mod 2.7.2
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V2.7.2 - New Build based off of V2.3 that includes the following:
-New Kernel based off my Magic Build that includes the new compcache-0.5.4 modules & swap_free_notify_patch. Compcache now enabled by default
-New init structure! Keep it Simple Stupid. ;-) a2d is not enabled by default, use the a2sd update previded below!
-Removed QuickOffice from build. Warez Free!
-Added HTC_CIME.apk for complete Chinese Support as requested.
-Updated the APN list and fixed the Network Search issue! I`m sure this will make many European users happy! This required reverting back to the stock libhtc_ril.so and updating the build.prop files. Now you`ll notice an H most of the time when using 3g. It`s ok. :-)
-Updated both the modules.sqf & updated xbin.sqf from Magic Build.

V2.3 - I got the hint release - from the 20-40 people who really use the ROM. lol
- This build is based on V2.1 with the following changes:
- This is again a non odex release - You have 60 megs free on a wipe
- I`ve cleaned up the boot process again
- Chinese Support, all ringtones, wallpaper, etc are back.
- Loccy`s BetterBrowser has been removed & back is the stock browser
- PID priotization has been added but as an option. See the /system/bin/userinit example script.
- Fixed the apn issue as in the V2.2 release
- If you`re upgrading from V2.1 or lower no wipe required, but if you installed V2.2, I`d recommend it. Sorry.
- If you want to install a theme, use Enomther`s hero v2 theme from his thread, but the Advanced Launcher will not be themed!

V2.2 - One for for the road - Fastest Build to date! ;-)
- This build is odex`ed. Please WIPE before installing. - Sorry, but you`ll thank me!
-Cleaned up the boot process.
-Fixed the apn issue - reverted back to old apns-conf.xml file.
-Removed Chinese Supoort, all but required wallpaper & ringtones, & notifications. Sorry, but need the space for odex`ing!
-Fasted build to date & 82 megs free after fresh install.
-Don`t install themes - It`ll break the build! Sorry.

V2.1 - Nice Speed Improvement & Alternative Launcher!
-This started out as slight experiment w/ using Soulife`s optimized apk`s from his 3.0 build. It was a nice speed increase as well space saver! Thanks Soulife.
-added Irrenhuas/Rogro82`s Advanced Launcher - Rogers Themed - fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5x4/6x3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc.
-added Loccy`s BetterBrowser as default (simply better)
-added PID priotization from miketaylor`s script (speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost)
You can thank Enomther for the Roger`s Themed AdvancedLauncher & the last minute PID priotization. We were trying to find away to completely replace the HTCLauncher, but adding the AdvancedLauncer is nice alternative! Thanks to both Soulife & Enomther!
- Updated to the latest lucid script
- included nano in xbin.cramfs
- updated the fixperm script to the latest v1.29
- And some other changes, I`m sure I forgot. ;-)